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  1. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    Why am I so bad at Tarkov no matter what I try?

    Takes 2-3 seconds to complete, yes... but the healing itself is instantaneous. Still, med animations will stop them from shooting so it wont be beneficial in the future. Gonna hafta use proper tactics like the rest of us.
  2. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    Why am I so bad at Tarkov no matter what I try?

    Insta-healing. People put meds and painkillers in their pockets/rig and set them to hotbars. A lot of folks like to pop pain pills right at the start, and keep eating more as the round goes on, every 3 minutes or so, however long they last. This allows them to absorb bullets like theyre .177 cal pellets. Also, healing is instantaneous... so by the time youve got 5 good shots on him, blacked out both legs, rekkt his armor; he was already doped on analgin and is spamming his meds on the hotbar. Ive done damn near 600 to one player only to die to him, drove me nuts. Hopefully, this next patch we actually get the med animations, which will stop the instahealing at least, and will undoubtedly make every player at least a bit more thoughtful in gameplay. At some point in the future, there will be persistent damage (leave a raid with 15 hp and blacked out limbs? Youre gonna start the next one that way unless you heal up or allow time for the wounds to heal naturally [probably a couple hours real time]), and things like addiction. In other words; the folks that pop pain pills all day every raid are gonna find out that pain pills stop working so well since their bodies have built up a tolerance. Theres also gonna be stuff like poisoning and radiation, so there will be places that are not so beneficial to be in later, that are commonly advantageous today. Everyone else pretty much covered the rest; jolly good work chaps. Happy hunting, and good luck out there.
  3. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    Explain Why

    I dunno what to tell you... I have many 50+ meter kills with the 226. Moving targets too... The key is; if you miss those first few shots, dont stick around to find out if old Ivan is a shotgun surgeon, do like Monty Python and: Find a new spot to attack from. Its called stick and run, shoot n scoot... I could go all day, the point is to move once they know where you are so you can: Best of luck out there. Good hunting.
  4. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    Explain Why

    Thatll happen, but, also... dont sit still.
  5. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    How many of you have experienced hacking in game?

    Is CS:GO destroyed? Hell, even Insurgency lives on. Think there arent any hackers there? This is also, ya know... an unfinished product... ya???
  6. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    How many of you have experienced hacking in game?

    Bug, not hack... For a product that has yet to release... dont worry, youre very much not alone. Got a better topic for you: Anyone ever played an online game that had no hackers whatsoever at any point?
  7. Why wouldn't you be able to tuck the stock under your shoulder/armpit? Seems feasible to me... Only change I see needed, is maybe a little extra recoil when the gun is in this "pulled in" position, regardless of shape/size.
  8. Gr8WhiteBuffalo


    Damned skippy. Actually in the forum rules it specifically states that unconstructive rant/rage posts are useless clutter and not allowed on the forum. You did read a few of those at least, no? Dont tease me now. Takes too much brainpower. And now I say what I came to say:
  9. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB 3 car batteries. Also, I have the 112 and Emercom keys, preferably to go to someone needing them for the task. I will do the same amazing deal @side1394 did for me: 200k for the pair. Thanks again my dude! Did me a solid.
  10. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    no scavs on shoreline

    I usually notice more scavs when there are less PMCs, but sometimes theyre straight up ghost town raids... feels of Pripyat. Waitin for a controller to jump out or some mutie. Not gonna lie... these little snots scared me more than anything in that game... gimmie chimeras all day... but the rats just made my hair stand up and chill my blood to the bone.
  11. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    no scavs on shoreline

    Or 2 .6l waters. Between scav kills, USEC kills (hows that for karma? ) car batteries, and the 112 key(vitamins); I been grinding Shoreline like nuts. On another note, Ive noticed that when theres 10 or less in the lobby, I never wait more than 2 minutes exactly once "awaiting players". On those raids, I never encounter any PMC's, nor do I hear any other gunfire other than the super rare player scav that usually comes in late. Ive also noticed on those very same raids that the scavs are few and far between... until theyre not. Once I happen upon them, its 1v7... and I usually get pretty trashed up, but winning against those odds - even if dying before the extract - are sooo worth it when decent gear is so easy to get.
  12. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    no scavs on shoreline

    I would literally die for more scavs on all maps. I believe that once we get the optimization theyre working towards we'll see them scav numbers rise. Cant wait... but certainly not holding my breath. I just take my hands off the bar and try to enjoy this roller coaster ride.
  13. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    Spawning next to enemy player

    Pbsh!!! Cant beat 0 baby!
  14. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB Vitamins pt 1 keys (Office 112 west wing & Emercom) Unless you would rather just help me with the quest by opening the doors, will pay/trade for that too.