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  1. Dual Handgun

    @Airbornemedic75 & @Malakh Apparently @HalfDeadSamurai is pretty sad he didn't buy DukeNukemMatrixDoomenStein. Wake up n smell the gunpowder kiddo... You bought into a proper shooter this time.
  2. is there gonna be done anything about this anytime soon?

    That happens with text. Dont trip chocolate chip.
  3. Facial Expressions

    They already have the basis of a reaction system... this would be fun for sure. *Tosses grenade around corner*, hears noob, "AAAAAAHHHH CRAP!!!!" *BOOM*
  4. is there gonna be done anything about this anytime soon?

    A written description of where you were and how you got there is optimal, for sure. Thats what Im saying about the in game screen shot(print screen button on your keyboard); it has location coordinates in the filename... so if you save them with the original file name, and submit it, the devs know precisely where you are, and therefore the precise location of the issue as well.
  5. is there gonna be done anything about this anytime soon?

    Yupp, screenshots have the location tagged in the filename. Devs sure do appreciate it.
  6. Dual Handgun

    No, Rambo. Very much not a realistic situation for any point in life... other than living out your Matrix fantasies.
  7. Limit insurance for squads and high level players

    I dunno about limiting... but a price hike is realistic. Think of it from the trader's point of view. "This guys going in on his own, just an AKN and a couple of mags in the bag. Ill charge 1kR cuz Im probably gonna get that rifle when he dies." or "This guys going in with a whole crew? And he's a seasoned veteran? No chance Im gonna get that gun back, his buddies are gonna hide it for him if he dies anyways... 5kR for AKN." Higher level gear costs more to insure already... higher level players should cost more too... and they already complain about the surplus of money and stash... so I dont see the problem. Insurance should also reset after each round... this is Tarkov, not State Farm... no hand holding, kiddo's. Were paying for the possibility of it being found... and each round is a somewhat different experience than the rest. And I think we should have to pay more to get stuff back... The way I see it, we pay the finders fee for the "dogs" to retrieve our weapons, once we go to collect there should be the cost of actually getting it back. Someone mentioned on a different thread, we have a 90k AKN, insured for like 5k... how realistic is that? It sure costs more to insure a Ferrari than a Ford. And on a more accurate comparison, it defo cost more to insure a GT Mustang than a plain Mustang. Naddamean?
  8. Nerf Armor

    Oh yeah??? NOW lets see who can take 33 slugs to the chest!
  9. Game

    Group: Lone Shadow Wolf Action: Search Description: Scavvy sets out in search for more ammo for his Aks, and body armor for protection. Last night he saw a group not far away, so he keeps his wits about him as he searches building to building. Always making sure to leave as little trace of his presence and stepping softly on loud surfaces he cannot avoid; it is a slow process, but he knows how to keep his mind from falling into an oblivious state.
  10. single player mode

    I dunno, I enjoy playing offline and doing stuff I wouldnt normally try in a raid... that said, offline mode will not make it to full release... they will drop it; and its said that it will be replaced by a shooting range... quite probably at the hideout. Im not dying for it... but Im not dying over it. Ya know?
  11. The Wipe is Coming??? Pilgrim bags?!

    I read that Interchange will be coming with OBT which will bring the wipe. #CantFlippinWait!!! But, yeah... prolly a month or so..
  12. Why is this a thing?

    Oohhhhh my dude! The tacti-kiddies (cod kids) are gonna crap their pants! Can't wait!
  13. Legal laser dot "cheat" - if it's stupid but it works... ;)

    Blind em first, kill em second! I like your style! Did this once with flashlights on a scav run... didnt have room in the pack, but empty slots on the sprut.
  14. Game

    Group: Lone Shadow Wolf Action: Move to area Description: Morning: Waking to the sounds of the swamp, Scavimus focus' his mind. He reminds himself that there is work available in the area, but it was recommended for a small group. Scavvy knows that he must be able to fight like many men to survive such a task; so he sets his mind in search of body armor, and more ammo for his shiny new friend. Moving cover to cover, and with utmost caution, the journey will take all day. Day: Moving quickly through the swamp and remaining stealthy is nigh on impossible. Keeping his head on a swivel, not only for threats, but also for the best path; the crunching of leaves and branches could give away his position, but boot prints in the soft mud would leave a trail. Scavvy knows that the best way to remain safe is to leave no trace of his presence. Evening/Night: Finally! Scavvy can see the outlines of the buildings. He cannot yet tell if these are apartments or industrial businesses, but he can feel in his gut that there is something good waiting for him in the area. Looking for signs of any recent activity, Scavvy seeks to do some recon before finding an inconspicuous area to bed down for the night. He needs to gather more information about the area before he can develop a plan for his search.
  15. Prapor scammed himself

    Yup, saves you about a grand in the end. Easier for me too, as I always trick mine out, and the only thing you gotta pull off the vest trade rifle is the hand grip.