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  1. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    option to climb

    I do believe they said they plan to add the ability to vault small (3-4 ft) obstacles. We still have a long way to go.
  2. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    So Much arrogance with this one

    That is definitely an issue... "There was an error preparing your error report."??? Having errors for you errors. That said; if 1000 different people upload a bug report for the same bug, all 1000 reports will be different as all 1000 people are guaranteed to have some variance in their hard/software. This is super important to diagnosing the bugs themselves; establishing commonalities amongst those having the issue. A forum post doesnt feed them any raw data about your system. It is a most unfortunate fact that more people than not actually dont report the bugs manually, yet post their issues on the forums instead. Not saying you dont, but a lot really dont report and just cry about it on the forum. As a top moderator, I absolutely agree he should show a bit more class/restraint... but dealing with this forum day in/out... I can just as easily understand his salt.
  3. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    A little information for you!

    That's understandable. Likewise.
  4. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    A little information for you!

    Not saying you are, just saying that a lot are, and the few times Ive played in the last month or so, it sure is pretty dusty out there. I presume you are EU, as most say that EU servers are generally populated, whereas nearly everywhere else in the world suffers the population problem. Well, if youve never encountered empty raids; how could you possibly judge whether or not which is worse? Before .10, I played all the way up into the wipe. West coast US was dead... Scavs only. I would come across maybe one player every 10 raids, how is that any better than having people run around like crazy for a few days? I can agree that the last greed event went on way too long. The first time, when it was 1 day of 98% off price, then 2 days of 50% off was cool with me. If anything, what I liked best was access to the weapons/mods/ammo I could never play with before. Curious of your thoughts; how would you feel if the next even did nothing to price, but simply unlocked all traders? Personally, that was my favourite part of it. And if the expensive guns stay expensive, then people would still presumably play tactfully, which is your main issue, right? Well, when everything is about to be reset in 3-4 days, what does it matter? Have a little fun. Same as how horror movies have comedic relief. Cause I can guarantee you, having experienced both; empty raids are most definitely a lot less fun than runnin around like crazy with some sweet ass weaponry, but I do understand if you cant comprehend that, having never faced empty raids yourself. Thanks for the response. Cheers, and happy hunting.
  5. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    A little information for you!

    Purely curious, as I'm one of the many not playing as I wait for the wipe... Is it really better to have bone dry empty raids or the silly event that keeps at least a few of us interested in some good light hearted fun with some top notch weapons? Night time full auto Star Wars style tracer battle anyone? Cuz I've been reading a metric ton of moaning about the emptiness of so many sequential raids. Personally, I would be playing right now if I could run a tricked out fal every raid... Just for the kicks and the gigs and the farting of the rainbows. It's also the only way I can play with things like a tricked out fal, or m1, etc at all, as I don't have time to sink into this alphabetatestgame to get to level 30 by the time of wipeage, let alone 40+. Just my 4 half pennies. Otherwise, I greatly look forward to medical animations.
  6. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    hand signal

    My only thought would be to change your ptt binding. Or maybe try binding a different hand signal to it and then unbind again. Dunno bout you but my mouse has forward/back page buttons on the side(ya know, for the internets), I have the front one binded to the flashlight/laser, and the back one binded to ptt. Super convenient.
  7. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    I've been out of touch. Release date?

    Just moderating wordlessly. Always escaping from Tarkov.
  8. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    I've been out of touch. Release date?

    Is that dude even with us anymore?
  9. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    Why am I so bad at Tarkov no matter what I try?

    Takes 2-3 seconds to complete, yes... but the healing itself is instantaneous. Still, med animations will stop them from shooting so it wont be beneficial in the future. Gonna hafta use proper tactics like the rest of us.
  10. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    Why am I so bad at Tarkov no matter what I try?

    Insta-healing. People put meds and painkillers in their pockets/rig and set them to hotbars. A lot of folks like to pop pain pills right at the start, and keep eating more as the round goes on, every 3 minutes or so, however long they last. This allows them to absorb bullets like theyre .177 cal pellets. Also, healing is instantaneous... so by the time youve got 5 good shots on him, blacked out both legs, rekkt his armor; he was already doped on analgin and is spamming his meds on the hotbar. Ive done damn near 600 to one player only to die to him, drove me nuts. Hopefully, this next patch we actually get the med animations, which will stop the instahealing at least, and will undoubtedly make every player at least a bit more thoughtful in gameplay. At some point in the future, there will be persistent damage (leave a raid with 15 hp and blacked out limbs? Youre gonna start the next one that way unless you heal up or allow time for the wounds to heal naturally [probably a couple hours real time]), and things like addiction. In other words; the folks that pop pain pills all day every raid are gonna find out that pain pills stop working so well since their bodies have built up a tolerance. Theres also gonna be stuff like poisoning and radiation, so there will be places that are not so beneficial to be in later, that are commonly advantageous today. Everyone else pretty much covered the rest; jolly good work chaps. Happy hunting, and good luck out there.
  11. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    Explain Why

    I dunno what to tell you... I have many 50+ meter kills with the 226. Moving targets too... The key is; if you miss those first few shots, dont stick around to find out if old Ivan is a shotgun surgeon, do like Monty Python and: Find a new spot to attack from. Its called stick and run, shoot n scoot... I could go all day, the point is to move once they know where you are so you can: Best of luck out there. Good hunting.
  12. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    Explain Why

    Thatll happen, but, also... dont sit still.
  13. Gr8WhiteBuffalo

    How many of you have experienced hacking in game?

    Is CS:GO destroyed? Hell, even Insurgency lives on. Think there arent any hackers there? This is also, ya know... an unfinished product... ya???