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  1. TFB Community recruiting

    alot of fun
  2. good clan always friendly and always fun
  3. Task Force Bravo

    Hi all We are still looking for more members to join the team
  4. Task Force Bravo

    Hi if you got steam can add me mack221 and I can send you the TS3 address
  5. Task Force Bravo

    its ok if you suck lol I did Nutz1 and Hondo_Kenway helped me be better but still need to play more with them to get better.... I am loving this team and COH 2 they play.... Got to come see and meet the team
  6. Task Force Bravo

    Is it ok I have 2 mates that like to join as well ?
  7. Task Force Bravo

    Hi I would like to join TFB for this game. I have been looking for a clan and a mate told me about TFB. How can I join ??