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  1. Disable HOTAS and other in Options

    They fix it!!! Thanks, no need to switch off the peripherals
  2. 2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    Make easier weapons and mods, now mods interact
  3. Disable HOTAS and other in Options

    Please, fix this more soon than later. Every time i want to play EoT i have to move my desk, so i can unplug the HOTAS. It´s hard
  4. Check Ammo, don´t work

    Hope they fix before they disble look how ammo you have in the inventory.
  5. ¿Es acumulable al descuento por comprar 4 keys? Saludos
  6. Ban for forbidden software using 

    If you buy an account, the cheater can make another one. BAN HARDWARE!
  7. Disable HOTAS and other in Options

    I´ll call how i want, it´s not my problem if you are an ignorant.
  8. It´s impossible to play with an HOTAS connected or other stuff, also you can´t customize the keyboard. My suggestion is simple, add an option to "disable" other peripherals, so we don´t have to remove manually the HOTAS every time we are going to play.
  9. Check Ammo, don´t work

    S, R, T... Don´t work with any key i put
  10. Impressive new demo with Unity Engine (same as EoT)
  11. Check Ammo, don´t work

    In future updates, you wont be able to see how many bullets you have in the inventory. So if we can´t check ammo, we are f...d.
  12. Check Ammo, don´t work

    I custom the keyboard controls, and there are some that don´t work, like "check ammo" I put other keys, but doesn´t work too
  13. Ban for forbidden software using 

    Cheaters can kill a game. No mercy!!!!!!!
  14. ** Server Matching Times

    New servers, cool!! I hope one goes to Spain or France