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  1. Sniper Rifle Buff

    Well I see your point but i would like to see someone getting shot that close from an actual sniper. Anyways that fact makes snipers almost completely useless unless they have like a giant planes map. But yeah I realize snipers aren't as powerful in real life as in most video games, but unless they add a .50 cal I don't think people will use snipers seriously much.
  2. Sniper Rifle Buff

    While until we get the advanced medical system where people can get knocked out or knock down that's how it should work or using a bolt-action is completely useless
  3. Sniper Rifle Buff

    I see your point, but then the rifles need to completely go through paca without damage reduction and fort should only negate some of the damage, because otherwise they are basically long range assault rifle and you might as well us a m4 on single fire. Btw I have never played counter strike.
  4. Sniper Rifle Buff

    Can you please fix the snipers and make it so you don't half to shoot them 2 or 3 times point blank with no armor. Thx
  5. In-raid Insurance

    this would be a cool system. I support.
  6. Insurance charging interest to hold gear longer

    pls don't make this a thing
  7. DMR

    Hey I would love it along with a lot of other people(i'm pretty sure) if we could get some dmr's. We need a nice rifle that can do long range well and still stand a chance in close quarters. I would love to see a Fal, G3(know it's coming), M14, dragunov, or even a scar-H mk17 ssr. Love the game.
  8. MP-43

    Why isn't this in the game if it was announced a year ago?
  9. How to Scope a SKS

    thx boyos
  10. How to Scope a SKS

    yeah i don't have him leveled yet
  11. How to Scope a SKS

    I have an sks in my stash and I bought an op-sks stock for it and a PSO but it doesn't have a dovetail mount.
  12. G3A3

    Before I posted this I looked for anything about a G3 and I found nothing.
  13. G3A3

    I would love a G3 in the game. You already have winchester ammo and I've heard the g3's sight mount is interchangeable with the mp5's. Also there is a rail system that can go over the normal G3's handguard. So there are lots of option for it and it would be a nice DMR type rifle.