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    Patch/wipe delay

    I'll bet it's sunday
  2. mrjamiet

    download game after every patch and update

    thank you for the response, I actually forgot all about this post! it was for a friend of mine, but since re-jigging his files and directory listing it seems to have cleared, haven't had the issue since the last patch although I guess we'll see soon the last few minor patches didn't seem to have any kind of impact like before, thanks for the reply though, appreciate it!
  3. maybe not emplyable, but a slider of time vs money would be good, and the longer it is in a raid under insurance for the more damaged it comes out (if it does)
  4. is anyone experiencing an issue wherein after every patch that downloads, it's then forcing them to reinstall their game? asking for a mate
  5. mrjamiet


    has anyone found a use for it? much like the Gas Analyzers I deemed useless and sold, I'm thinking it might now be worth keeping..
  6. mrjamiet

    Super rare TK glitch?

    something similar happened to me once, we were 5-10meters away, pretty much adjacent to each other, and when I killed the scav (I think) who was at the pylon near the checkpoint on customs (the one that lurks there like a predator), my friend also died with it saying I'd killed him, played it off as just one of those things, that was a few weeks ago though
  7. mrjamiet

    Lone Wolf for karma system

    karma for scavs alone could be easy in concept - if you kill another scav you get bad karma, making scavs hostile if you spend a certain amount of time in their vicinity. same goes will killing human scavs, there must be a 1 and 0 for scav kill or not, the karma then changes post game for usecs and bears like pointed out if they see you have better gear, the risk is probably worth the chance, but everyone (including myself) is pretty wary of any other player and we're all turning each other into KOS'ers
  8. mrjamiet

    Slowly but sure iam getting sick from the game

    the lag happens, but as mentioned playing solo IS a drag on this game, there's safety in numbers. I wouldn't have had half of the gear if it wasn't for my friends (although the 2 night vision sets I got in 1 run with a silenced TT was pretty skillful I would say hah) now that scav timers are down to 30minutes you'll pretty much always have guns/money, and running on laws of averages you will get the drop on others. I started off trying to be all sneaky, but once you learn spawns and the maps and spawn locations and the common paths people take you can make more noise than you think, plus figuring out what can be done in how much time helps for when you join a raid. I hate hugging the wall because that is a likely place for people to go past and use as a direction pointer. as for the levels, a hatchet level 50 probably won't kill a level 1 with a shotgun
  9. mrjamiet

    multiple attachment activations

    I wanna take it on shoreline and woods but on the flipside I do wonder how visible it is on the receiving end yeah it's all or nothing, which I kind of understand haha
  10. mrjamiet

    multiple attachment activations

    tbh I came across an ak and some night vision, but the mook only had 2 laser sights, and pretending to be the predator is exactly what I intend on doing
  11. thinking of how long it usually takes me to reach the shortcut it could be that the mix of players and scavs spawning in, a few of which could get stuck loading in could be creating some desync? also, ever noticed how the animations sometimes mess up from opening doors (the "handshake" hand after the unlock, the octopus arm when getting the key out, double unlock)? Like mentioned it could be caused by a person as it can also be remedies if they re-log, maybe it's stuck replicating messages/actions for opening locked doors (trying to think when I've noticed it, but it's hard to know when a door has been opened by someone else for me to not be the cause of the desync, same with factory) could you replicate it 100% of the time? I don't recall a lot of issues with desync and closing the door is always a thing we just do, but it's certainly some great testing and something to be mindful of
  12. mrjamiet

    After the Raid

    The menus could be across the top like when you're looking at your character but considering what you have to choose and opt for before selecting a map it'd be hard to grouping before entering a lobby would be a good idea possibly, with a ready button in a corner or something
  13. mrjamiet

    worried about the hacker community

    I dont think I've ever seen hackers and have played for a month now, although rarely ventured into woods or shoreline to really see no clippers. there has been on many occasions when (thnking back) I've clearly dysnc'd, found a mega geared guy and started shooting the hell out of him but did those fake headshots and wasn't going to kill him. I had to then close in task manager and restart, and when I got back in it was like it hadn't happened and I was back at the petrol station. if random bullets start flying you don't know how sync'd up you are to the other person, and I heard it loads another players inventory in proximity, so guess it can bug you out a bit sometimes?
  14. mrjamiet

    Scav timer reduced

    Personally, until something else can be done to fix scav on scav murders I think it's a good workaround and glad they have done something about it, especially when you could wait an hour to get your scav to get blasted by another player scav in customs because everyone is ravenous in the lower levels it could just be coincidence but team spawning as scavs seems a bit better too? my only gripe is when I spawn on something like woods or shoreline the raid can be 20-30minutes in. Customs isn't so bad but there has usually been at least 1 escape, and now that it's down to 30minutes I'm actually trying factory, but that is still majorly KOS regardless of faction
  15. mrjamiet

    It's not Terminator AI, it's....

    would definitely watch a transformer have sex with a terminator and make a baby toaster 11/10