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  1. Where is server located?

    I have 100mb internet and generally get ping of 20-60 on any game I play H1Z1, Pubg ect. I can not see my ping here but has to be a foreign server or some crazy crap. The desync and lag is horrendous. It is 100% unplayable at times. some examples. This video could have been longer. I would loot something and it would just flash in my inventory forever. Couldn't loot anything else until it caught up. I can show you more of this game. The lag started really early and really bad. https://plays.tv/s/LQIveujdnnXm This is another game https://plays.tv/s/LQIw4RxjLUdz Really making me wanna uninstall until more stable servers or U.S. Servers. Even though do like the game concept. Just needs a lot of bug fixes