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  1. Spiel ist unspielbar

    vor update : 40-60 fps auf customs mit fx 8350, r9 fury, 16 gb ram nach update 15-30 fps sehe da keine verbesserung ^^
  2. glitch exploiting

    vielee leute benutzen ihr alpha pack um ihre pistole nicht verlieren zu können.... ich hoffe dieser glitch endet in einem perm ban
  3. Desyncs -they are a huge problem in this game -sometimes bullet doesent register loot -add more weapon loot spots to the game for low lvl gear (make it easyer for beginners to farm some pistols) traders: -remove items for items trade and make it all for money -add an auction market for players to trade with other players -lower prices on mp443 and kiparis Weapons: -weapon handling is great -more "smgs" or "uzi" like weapons with a pretty much low end gear price/handling Performance: -game got a memory leak its using more ram the longer it runs in a pretty huge way AI: -pretty well made BUT sometimes they prefire trought walls, do weird moves (180 degree turn with insta headshot) or running headshots they should be a bit overworked Group System: -spawn together and not split -group indicators/special "clan" clothing
  4. Feedback

    -Npc should be nerfed they prefire trought walls -hitreg is off sometimes -sometimes it feels like cheaters are a problem -spawns are weird -the group system is a mess...... you need to spawn together or its no use <.<