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  1. KatBug13

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Друг #4546 plox verify
  2. KatBug13

    New players

    Character name ryan Description male, 6' even, 180 Lbs, sturdy build full beard with a scar from a badly split lip His past Ryan worked for a privately sponsored military as a marksman. preformed 3 tours in Afghanistan and Iraq receiving only one serious wound from an insurgent counter sniper. Family life: he has 1 daughter and his wife How did he get to Tarkov? offered a large some of money to take another tour, but in Tarkov. Predilections hunting, shooting, literature, mathematics Friends prefers to work alone. Wounds, and battles a wound from a holo-point 308 to the stomach and fell from a concrete building splitting his lip and cracking 2 ribs. served several tours in Afghanistan and Iraq taking the role of squad leader in his marksman division Aspirations to survive is tours and continue is career and a marksman The greatest achievement that character did preformed a clean kill from 1300 m with a 308 rifle, cleared an entire city block of insurgents single handy Strength 23 Endurance 23 Accuracy 34 Sniper
  3. KatBug13

    A trading system outside of raids?

    and i mean player to player trading
  4. a friend and i have been trying to find a way to safely trade items without going into a raid and loseing the stuff we are trying to trade