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    Character name Leroy_Brown Description Displaced PMC chasing the spoils of war in over militarized zones. His past Leroy was the badest man in town back in the states and that title remains true in Tarkov. Leroy is an ex-Marine that joined the USEC private security company to support his lifestyle back home in America. However, it has been some time now that he has set foot stateside and in his extended stay he has picked up several languages and amassed a small fortune through selling his spoils on the black market. How did he get to Tarkov? Leroy was contracted to protect several high ranking UN officers on their journey to Tarkov. Predilections Leroy has only one bias in this world and it is toward money, you could call him a loot goblin of sorts, and he enjoys spending his money on wild nights in whichever European city he's been sent to through the USEC security company. Friends Leroy has two friends that always have his back and he theirs. The first is his brother and the other his high school friend, and the three are a force to reckoned with. Meeting this squad in the battlefield rarely ends well for their opposition. Wounds, and battles During his time in Tarkov Leroy has seen more than his share of firefights and made it out of all of them but not always unscathed. On several occasions, his sniper's nest was found and had to fight his way out some intense situations. Aspirations Make it out of Tarkov with a treasure trove loot to sell on the black markets and spend his days galavanting in his new found wealth. The greatest achievement that character did Leroy has been known to wipe out entire squads of PMC's and his crowning achievement came to him at the health resort when he killed a Bear executive officer and his heavily geared security team. The mission was extremely profitable for Leroy because the officer he assassinated was collecting the bitcoin wallets from the resort computers. In total Leroy made off with around a quarter of a million dollars and over a ten million rubles. Strength 24 Endurance 25 Accuracy 31 Fighter
  2. Endurance Skill Regressing after being maxed

    @Timo-chi I think you are right but it does say that you cant forget "any skills" so who really knows what any of the dev intended with that but It's still weird how fast it seems to be rolling back.
  3. Is anyone else having issues with endurance skill regressing at alarming rates no matter how much you continue to sprint with maxed memory as well?
  4. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    What exactly do you mean when saying that we will have the ability to restore gear after a profile wipe? Does this mean we have the ability to get the gear we had prior to the wipe back if we choose to?