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  1. Killed by Hacker

    Welcome to the club buddy... while youre at it suck it up and hope they ban the asshowl in the next witchhunt. Youre welcome
  2. New servers added!

    Wooooooow nice servers. What do you run them on ? Cold war era toasters?
  3. Subway Card Game Payment

    First world problems?!
  4. Collective insurance claim window with invidual timers

    Nothing fancy about it mate. It's quite simple and I'm sure the developers are thinking/working on it. Anyway, I wanted to post this just for the record. Peace out.
  5. Hi BattleState developers. I have a suggestion. I have a suggestion for you, which I'm sure you've considered and/or are programming it. It's astraightforward idea. Insurance claim window/selection screen for each insurance agent(Propor, Therapist) that has all insurance claims with individual timers. So, one screen would have all insurance claims. This will save time and frustration scrolling through Messenger. Anyway, thanks for consideration and time . Buy bye
  6. Hello comrades. This a short video I created parodying the inventory system. Enjoy.