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  1. Shoreline RECON! Pt1 (RP)

    This looks great can't wait to play this...BUT! With how large this map will be once combined I hope the raid time limit is drastically increased so we have more time to explore it all!
  2. This might be a bit of a summary of older posts, but my aim is to prioritize this feedback for the devs from users, since the most recent patch. I feel bad for the devs because it must be hard balancing your time for what you want to do and what us players have as priorities. I understand this is a Beta game and things won't be perfect. That being said I'm looking for this to be a PRODUCTIVE thread - especially with open beta looming soon (or is it?). My top 5 would be: 1. Server stability, desync, decrease in matching queue times (consistent 1-2 minutes max matching times would be great) 2. Sound improvements/fixes - I will say the last patch I think was a step in the right direction, but still I feel some work needs to be done in this area. 3. Spawning - I think a combo of further placed apart locations and cool downs, say 5 minutes, before another player can spawn at a location is needed. Really despise spawning and then another player SCAV spawns right behind me and kills me. With this I also believe that SCAV's should start the round at the same time as PMC's - there shouldn't be any ~10 minutes off the clock before player SCAVs are in the battle. 4. "Respawning" - really don't like spending 10 minutes clearing an area only for more bots/player SCAV's to teleport right in to hunt me down (hello I just killed everyone else, I'm probably very hurt, and guess who they are going to gang up on now?) and I worked really hard to clear those other players too! - seems like a no win scenario. So as a suggestion, say after the first 10-15 minutes on a map, no more NEW player SCAV's/bots spawning on a map. 5. Exit locations - I think PMC exit locations should be on one side of the map and for SCAV's it should be on the other. That way it would cause more instances for PVP because players would be crossing paths more often to get to their respectful exit locations.
  3. First Post - Observations/Suggestions for Improvement

    I beg to differ. This certainly can be a competitive game if you play in groups and use teamwork. It just depends on your style in how you approach it.
  4. Hi all, First a shout out to Kotton, love your style bro! I stumbled across his vids on youtube and really got me interested in this game. Ended up buying the EOD edition and do not regret it one bit. I've only been playing a few weeks, but I absolutely love the game so far, even though it's only in Beta. I do realize this game is in beta, and I know more improvements will be coming in the future but here are some suggestions for improvements on the game: 1. Sound Improvements- I'm using a Soundblaster Z soundcard and Sennheiser HD 595 headset (these are top of the line and ~$300 new) and can't tell where people are located on the map. Are they behind me? Below me? In front? Again - I understand this is a Beta and improvements will come, but this is the top concern for me, and a lot of other people too judging by forum posts. This will really make or break the game for how successful it is. 2. Desync would be my next concern, but I'm pretty sure you guys are well aware and it will be fixed before release. 3. Actually I think this is a simple fix - but moving down and up stairs with a gun out and also going near windows I'll be aiming and all of a sudden my arms will lift the gun up as if trying to avoid bumping into the railing/wall. I don't think that's realistic. If you were in a fire fight you would be able to move up and down the stairs without lifting your gun up to your chest and breaking your concentration at aiming when you go near railings. Or at the very least this system to me seems too sensitive and needs to be scaled back for the collision detection - if that's how it works. 4. Grenade splash damage through walls? I can't tell you how often I've been killed through multiple walls by my OWN grenade thrown pretty far away too. System seems like it's a little too sensitive to me. 5. Remove the timer to play as SCAV if you are killed by another player SCAV. 6. For the marketing team: I think you guys have the successor to Counter-Strike on your hands, screw Counter-Strike 2, Escape From Tarkov is the future, if your not marketing the game to this player base you should be! This game has everything and more that I would want in a sequel to Counter-Strike. 7. Please take your time making the game! I want quality not quantity. That's all for now - keep up the great work guys!