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  1. Feature request

    I expect it is but I cannot in good conscience recommend this game to others in the state it is in and with no in game options for joining/managing/communicating with a group this is not something I am able to do. I understand that. It is a shame refunds aren't offered at all as it does kinda show a lack of faith that buyers will stay, I expect the number of concurrent players is a small percentage of purchaser's for this reason. A savvy business move to keep a floating capital but completely anti-consumer. Luckily I purchased on PayPal and have recourse due to the game being not as described by advertisement and of unsatisfactory quality.
  2. Feature request

    Thank you for your replies. I think from what people have said this is unlikely to be the game it first appeared to be. Possibly down the line when the hackers, lag, glitchers, reliability have been addressed this may be a game worth revisiting. Potentially when there's punishment for team killing, local/team comms, drawn out raids due to open world gameplay the KOS (even after friendly wiggles) mentality might die down a little and newer players might find experienced guys more happy to help them rather than shoot them in the face for their pistol and single mag. For the moment though I think it's probably best I request a chargeback as it turns out the game doesn't have a refund policy - this should have been a red flag at the beginning to be fair - and remove the game from the sGs games list. I expect I shall rebuy into the game come full release on Steam when things are ironed out, new players aren't as harshly punished and the average player age increases. This is in no way a poo-poo to the game or its players and I wish the devs and players all the best. The game was just not what was sold to me (or at least not yet) and so I think my money would be better spent elsewhere for now. Maybe see you guys on the other side of release x
  3. Feature request

    I get that, but I feel like I'm nothing more than a loot delivery service to level 40+ groups. Added to that the hackers (fly hacks have been in about 5% of my matches so far!), unplayable lag, constant crashes etc this is not the game that was advertised to us (I consider Twitch streaming as advertising when certain players are on the company payrol). I'm not sure if "press" accounts get better performance because of server side prioritization, they have a different build to us, they are playing on better servers etc but this just isn't what I expected based on what I was demonstrated. I get that it's early access and part of that is listening to input from paying customers as we are shareholders now. If the response is to ignore requests or the generic "git gud" meme then I can respect that but if so this is not an endeavour I can support. Is there any official response or clarification to any form of matchmaking?
  4. Feature request

    Hi guys, as a new player I find this game almost impossible to play. More experienced players prey on new, inexperienced, players consistently and deliberately. As such I can't learn the map, weapon dynamics, ai or looting at all as I am instantly killed by players I never see or rushed and steam rolled by geared squads. Can it be considered, now that there are many more players, a matching priority service be implemented so that players are grouped into maps with similarly experienced people. EFT was originally going to be one of the main games we played in our "Social Gaming Society" as it had a lot of interest from all 30 voting members. As it stands both myself and two others that have bought the game consider it a waste of money as it is just not fun. I understand the game is not meant to be "easy" but also its a game. It should be possible for people to learn and enjoy not just constantly to be fish in a barrel for others who can group up and afford to risk gear which makes them practically invulnerable to any weapons starting players have access to.