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  1. I got a weird bug where i couldnt extract.

    No, I didn't even get the extraction timer at all.. i was in front of the exit but i was like the exit was not avaiable.. all 3 of them.
  2. I've been farming factory for a while now, both for therapist quest and for the xp, and i got a weird bug today: I could not extract at all, i've tried all 3 exits multiple times but still nothing, i've tried dropping some item and changing exit, still nothing, I've even tried to alt f4 2 times, but still in the end i got missing in action... Does anybody know what the hell happened? P.S. I was not lagging and i didnt have desync, i checked my internet and i killed 5 players and around 15 scavs in the meantime with little to no issue so net was fine.
  3. There must be something wrong with my guns.

    Yeah that was really in depth, thanks for taking the time ^^. P.S. when did I ever said that my death was unfair? At most i said that the Desync is
  4. There must be something wrong with my guns.

    First of all tanks for all your answers to my semi-rant post ( even to the guys that keep telling me my ammo was wrong vs armored opponents, when i said 2 times that they didnt have any armor on). In both instances i was the one peeking, since i've played R6 a lot and i know the benefit of peeking in a game with bad netcode, but still got dropped both times. I guess I'll just chalk it up to desync. Also I am not a newbie, i've just came back into the game after wipe and i have all traders maxed, besides elvyra because tunoshka, and SP ammo is one of the best ones, even eroktic uses it, you get it from prapor lvl 3 if im not mistaken. P.S. losing gear is not an issue i was just ranting, I'm sitting on 3 million+rubles and 20k dollars and I've got no more space in my shitty standard edition stash ^^
  5. There must be something wrong with my guns.

    I understand what you mean and I will try to record the next time. only i really dont think i missed since it was at point blank, and i know fort is op but they were naked T.T
  6. There must be something wrong with my guns.

    I understand but that doesnt explain how they dropped me in 2 hits while i was wearing armor, while they were not expecially with HP rounds.. Also all the bullets connected, at least the 6 in full auto i shot before dying since it was basically point blank both times..
  7. Ok this is getting ridiculous, my guns seem to shoot pebbles! It's the 4th time today that i shoot at people with my favourite gun, the ak-74N, with either SP or HP ammo and it seems like i do little to no damage, needing between 5-6 shots to the chest to kill a hatchling.. At first I thought I was missing some shots but then i got in close quarters, turning an angle and sprayed full auto to a target litterally 1 meter from me in 2 separate occasion, one on factory and one on customs. ( i knew they were there so i came out in prefire) Both times I died, getting killed by 1 or 2 shots. The first kill it was on the arm it seems by a vepor while the second one just tore through my paca with 2 bullets killing me, keep in mind that in both instances i had full auto/they had vepors, I had armor ( paca and kiver) and they didn't but i still came on the losing side.. What am i doing wrong?
  8. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the guy that i met in customs dorms today! It was at night time we were both hatchlings bears, i made you a gesture to open marked room, you did and then you dropped a factory key for me! I will always remember this act of kindess ( been farming factory key for over 50 raids at that point)
  9. Dying to scavs like they were terminators

    Just to put the last nail in the coffin about this, KOTTON is currently streaming and he's saying that the new scavs are now ridiculous, if even The Terminator hiself says that there must be some truth to these complaints.
  10. Dying to scavs like they were terminators

    Being locked on target is fine if you make noise yes, but you have to make a compromise there.. You can be locked on but they can't just 2 hit you in the head ( wearing a helmet ) with a makarov and you don't even have the time to react.. Or just shoot at you with a shotgun from one side to factory to the other and you die in 2 shots ( it has happened to me multiple times). All in all what i'm trying to say is, like i've already stated that they just need to be tweaked, of course there will be people whining because they die, since the game is hard, like it's supposed to be, ( it has a lot of issues aswell but it's a beta so that doesnt matter) but on the other face of the coin there needs to be some understanding from the other more experienced players. I'm loving this game, the feeling when you take down a squad all by yourself is so good, the quest were a really nice add, and the developers are working hard on trying to fix the issues, but the last thing i want to see is this game's community to become a horde of elitists blind to the game's issues.
  11. Dying to scavs like they were terminators

    Well Difficult AI doesn't mean unfair AI. There is no need for the scavs to have the ability to see through walls and bushes, and there is no need for them to snap at you with incredible precision, and btw answering to a post with get gud the scavs are fine, when they obviously aren't is defending the flaws, or just being a douchebag.
  12. Dying to scavs like they were terminators

    As i said in the previous post I DON'T THINK the scavs are impossible or terminators, all that i said is that they are currently a greater threat than the players. They need to be TWEAKED AND CORRECTED not nerfed into oblivion like before the hotfix. The main issue right now is that they can see through walls,foliage and darkness and they have a little bit too much of a reaction/accuracy ratio, that's all. What i get pissed of about though is these "ELITISTS" who just love to say to people to GET GUD and just defend FLAWED game balance, instead of doing their jobs as BETA TESTERS ( Yes that's what we are) and have a decent discussion on the issue.
  13. Dying to scavs like they were terminators

    Ok I've read this long ass thread and i thought I'd add my 2 cents. Scavs are too good right now. By too good I don't mean impossible or unbeatable, before you elitists white knights come to yell at me. Before the hotfix they were just TOO easy, they couldn't hit a still target and ran around between covers every 2 seconds making them easy to kill, BUT now the scavs are the polar opposite, they have really good aim ( which they shouldn't have lore-wise as they are only ex civilians, and not SOLDIERS), which could be fine if it wasn't coupled with THERMAL VISION. I've died multiple times with full fort and helmet to a scav with a makarov shooting me 3 times in a row in the head while he was invisible in the bushes. Also to the guy saying Scavs should be as good as players, yeah it's true but like this they are WAY better than players.. I'd rather fight a squad of 4 players than 4 scavs. TL;DR Scavs are a little too OP right now, the main issues being thermal vison and some whallack, while still retaining aimbotting qualities ( 180 you with a makarov while you are sneaking 300 meters away). P.S. sorry if there are any grammatical errors english is not my first language
  14. Need advice

    There is a lot of fort armor going around now, at least 1 every raid, be it player or scav that is. You should give the fort to skier IMO since the sooner you do the quests the better and paca is good anyway ^^.
  15. Nev Scavs

    Is it me or are the "fixed" scavs worse than before? They are back at aimbotting through the bushes while they remain invisible T.T