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  1. Skier's task - Chemical pt. 4

    All right, it worked, thanks dude
  2. Skier's task - Chemical pt. 4

    lol what, thats wierd, i tried to put it on the box from the side and kindof everywhere else, will try thanks
  3. Has anyone else cant do this quest, because cant mark the chemical vehicle at customs in the building under the sniper scav ? i was going there twice and couldnt mark it with that MS2000 from him ...
  4. Hits not registering

    This happens to me often, i was once hit by shotgun, my pmc screamed but didnt took any dmg to body parts and when i hit another pmc into the head, ive seen his head go back, blood splash and he didnt died.
  5. MP5

    Can i somehow add flashlight to MP5 ?
  6. Rain

    Ye but theres too much colors right now xd, weather forecast could also be a godlike thing
  7. Rain

    I was wondering why isnt it raining sometime after update, it was a good practice, in hard conditions.