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  1. Most people are barely able to play the game at all. My game freezes 90% of the time when I get shot at, leaving me with no way of reacting to the threat which means death most of the time... You have had this happen the first time in how many hours? I could cry about my gear almost every single raid because the game simply doesnt work most of the time. Chill, people will just hate on you
  2. Its some sort of a collision bug, sometimes the grenade doesnt go through small holes, windows etc on the server, client side it looks all good until the server triggers the explosion. Sucks to die like that but dont put too much value in your gear, grab you next set and go die in a different way. ;P
  3. oldirty

    Transcript of the TarkovTV DevBlog #002

    Plz do it if possible.
  4. oldirty

    Wandernder Farbfleck?!

    Das ist ein Eye-tracker. Streamer benutzen den damit die zuschauer sehen wo der Streamer gerade hinsieht.
  5. oldirty

    Soundsystem software that calculate terrain, etc?

    Alot of games have this, I dont know how far it goes for each game but even counter strike does this. Search for sound occlusion on youtube and you will find many examples.
  6. oldirty

    Some new WIP materials

    Are you able to give a very vague time frame? Im wondering because in the 2019 plans there is no mentioning about this and I feel like it is going to be massivly important for gameplay/balancing. Ty
  7. oldirty

    Reporting Cheaters/Hackers?

    There isnt, maybe in the future.
  8. oldirty

    Abolish the examine system

    I like it, it tells me instantly when I find something new. Btw, if you would play this more like a survival game not a BR you would have less of these problems.
  9. I dont feel screwed, its fine. Seriously, are we really complaining about sooooooo extremely minor stuff?
  10. oldirty

    Ist die Device ID ein Fehlschlag???

    Dann müsste man mal den support kontaktieren, vielleicht gibt es zurzeit ein problem, ich persönlich bekam die email immer in unter 1 Minute.
  11. oldirty

    Ist die Device ID ein Fehlschlag???

    Spam ordner etc gecheckt? Bei mir landet jede email von bsg da drin. Die Geräteverifizierung darf auf keinen Fall entfernt werden , das ist heute absoluter Standard und eine der wichtigsten und effektivsten Sicherheitsmassnahmen überhaupt.
  12. oldirty

    The-Lab ! Was haltet ihr davon ?

    Map design 10/10 Bot KI, 3/10 (Primitiv und das wird sich wohl auch nie ändern) Ich find den loot eigentlich in ordnung so, die map wird man vermutlich relativ spät im Spiel freischalten. @Panwow Falsches Magazin! ;P
  13. oldirty

    Schalldämpfer Lautstärke

    Ich poste das hier nur mal so zum Spass, ich gebe dir natürlich recht, die Schalldämpfer im Spiel sind meist zu leise, doch ich glaube die haben das schon gemerkt, die Waffen die später ins Spiel kamen scheinen mir lauter und realistischer als zb die ak74
  14. oldirty

    Illegal DMCA Actions

    @Birks I am not trying to defend BSG or anything like that and you are right, some of those videos would technically fall under fair use, but there is a general perception that it is illegal to claim copyrights on gaming videos which is simply false. BSG could legally copystrike Kotton, Deadlyslob and all the others if they wanted to. Take a look at Nintendo, they go absolutly mad with copystrikes if they dont like what you do, they gonna kill you and your channel, legally, its scummy but legal. Youtube will most likely delete eroktics channel in the coming days, they have no choice.