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  1. Maki_Nishikino

    Mosin sniper rifle (mod. M1891/30y.)

    Yeah, that's not right. D:
  2. Maki_Nishikino

    Game Balance - Overall

    The game will revolve around being in a group when it's released, if you want to go solo then that's on you. If I recall some quests will require you to be in a group.
  3. Maki_Nishikino


    Ah, alright.
  4. Maki_Nishikino


    You're not insuring items the are pretty cheap or easy to come by in a raid are you?
  5. Maki_Nishikino


    I disagree.
  6. Maki_Nishikino


    But for some it's pennies on the dollar to get their gear back quickly.
  7. Maki_Nishikino


    Insurance should cost more then.
  8. Maki_Nishikino


    Because the change of not getting back is reduced substantially.
  9. Maki_Nishikino

    What are you working on to get rid of hackers?

    When you enter a raid you need to reload because of a bug. What grenade did you use?
  10. Maki_Nishikino

    Insurance and people with tight schedules

    Players will just use it as extra storage.
  11. Maki_Nishikino

    Game balance

    That's all as far as I'm aware.
  12. Maki_Nishikino

    Mosin sniper rifle (mod. M1891/30y.)

    3 shots to the chest? What ammo? Also, the med spam meta is not going to be a thing for much longer.
  13. Maki_Nishikino

    Mosin sniper rifle (mod. M1891/30y.)

    7.62x54 hits like a freight train no matter what type it is.
  14. Maki_Nishikino

    Mosin sniper rifle (mod. M1891/30y.)

    They're going to add ammo for level 1.
  15. Maki_Nishikino

    Game balance

    A bug, same with armor. When you enter a raid put your body armor and helmet in your backpack and then put them back on.