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  1. Traps

    There is an anti-cheat.
  2. Please Fix THIS !!!!!!

    Not really, how often do you find yourself running into an enemy at point blank (in this case was your fault)? I'm just saying if you want to mitigate this happening then use something with a folding stock and fold it. Not really necessary though as it doesn't happen often.
  3. Please Fix THIS !!!!!!

    Ok, for now using something like an AKMS or AKS-74U with the stock folded will mitigate the issue.
  4. Please Fix THIS !!!!!!

    The gun goes down when it strikes anything in the world, even a player unless it's a pistol. When you have a folding stock folded it takes more closing distance before it lowers.
  5. Please Fix THIS !!!!!!

    What would the point of a folding stock be then?
  6. Please Fix THIS !!!!!!

  7. Please Fix THIS !!!!!!

    Well, you knew someone was there. Did you not have a frag?
  8. Loading Ammo in Mag - Animations

  9. Teamkill when Starting group game

    There is a Discord for that.
  10. Trader shortages?

    Bug no doubt.
  11. Companion App?

    Oh, I just now remember having one of those like 20 years ago, thanks for the memory!
  12. Cheaters ban

    They don't take reports.
  13. Traders having limited items

  14. scavs

    Fair enough elaboration.
  15. Late spawns

    I think this only happens as a Scav.