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  1. Maki_Nishikino

    Title Removed

    They have some sort of system set up.
  2. Maki_Nishikino

    Title Removed

    Naming and shaming isn't allowed.
  3. Maki_Nishikino

    Cannot sell items to traders

    The servers are really taking a beating now with the massive influx of players.
  4. Maki_Nishikino

    Desync is really bad atm

    Read that red banner on the launcher.
  5. Maki_Nishikino

    Cant group up with friends

  6. Maki_Nishikino

    Golden 1g phone

    Sell it to her or on the market.
  7. Maki_Nishikino

    Golden 1g phone

    How much will Therapist give you for it?
  8. Maki_Nishikino

    PVP problems

    The damage model / hit detection is still very wonky, it isn't necessarily your fault. Give it time and it will be fixed.
  9. Maki_Nishikino

    PVP problems

    Not player level but skill level.
  10. Maki_Nishikino

    What is up with the traders?

    Yeah, go wild. I lost what would usually be 300k worth of gear and didn't give a care in the world, didn't even insure any of it.
  11. Maki_Nishikino

    New animations showcase

    I can't wait to see Kotton's vids after the patch.
  12. Maki_Nishikino

    Xmas Box

    No, we don't need any milking of a cash cow. They have a merchant ship load of money at this point.
  13. Maki_Nishikino

    worst game ever

    It will be improved.
  14. Maki_Nishikino


    There was just a massive ban wave and you can't report them.
  15. Maki_Nishikino

    Bug: Weapon will not discard in raid

    Send a bug report via the launcher.