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  1. Tactical556

    Official Trading Thread

    Key sold.
  2. Tactical556

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS: Factory Key for 125k rubles.
  3. Tactical556

    please fix the player scav problem

    Karma system should fix this issue or at least mitigate it.
  4. Tactical556

    Snipers on rooftop of the Interchange mall ?

    Did you forget what game you're playing?
  5. Tactical556


    It doesn't take 12-14.
  6. Tactical556


    Well if it was that easy then nobody would run suppressors. Sometimes there is no way you can sneak up on someone and kill them to not let the whole area know that loot is to be found.
  7. Tactical556

    Key Bar for sale

  8. Tactical556


    Trying to melee a Scav is suicide, why even do it? Just buy a Makarov with a few extra mags and ammo for less than 10k rubles. 12-14 hits to the head to kill them? Pretty arbitrary if you ask me.
  9. Tactical556

    R1 the right arm of the free world

    Oh, alright and sorry to hear! :c
  10. Tactical556

    R1 the right arm of the free world

    Yeah, like the Vietnam War era M14, that stock is not in the game yet?
  11. Tactical556

    R1 the right arm of the free world

    Sorry for getting off topic but is there a mod for the M1A that gives you the classic wood stock?
  12. Tactical556

    weapon stabilization

    There was a screenshot of a weapon attacment that you jam up against a surface to get a solid shooting platform so I imagine we will.
  13. Tactical556

    FPS drop since technical update

    Yeah, I have the 2 GB VRAM version the 760 also. I have no issues on Customs or any other map. Shoreline runs relatively fine but stutters at times. I plan on getting the 6 GB VRAM version of the 1060 soon. I think CPU is what really matters, a lot of calculations are performed.
  14. Tactical556

    FPS drop since technical update

    i7-4790, GTX 760, 16 GB RAM, 1920x1080 Run the game on high and don't see any performance loss, 50 to 60 FPS at all times.
  15. Tactical556

    This game is too ********* hard

    Sheez, I love this game due to how hardcore it is. One of the very few games where dead means dead. I can spend 10 minutes decking out an AK or AR and lose it with ease.