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  1. Mihailnovici

    Talking Tarkov Podcast #4

    When the game will be release ? any rightfull ETA ? or will be a bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla ......... and BLA pod cast ... ?
  2. Mihailnovici

    Beta or open beta?

    and when you think you did "PRE-ORDER" a game, and actualy you beta test it ... man i want money/to be paid on my spent time in this game
  3. Mihailnovici

    Pre 0.9 State Information

    whaaa ? man they will not resolve this to soon
  4. Mihailnovici

    Hacks are obscene at this point...

    keep dreaming ... they are to slow ... if they do not come with a real anti-cheat solution it will be doomed to cheaters like any other fps with "in-house anti-cheat"
  5. Mihailnovici

    Photos from Battlestate Games office

    lawl, abuse of any glitch or flaws of the game is called EXPLOIT, and second because is beta testing you can only patch the "problem", but seen how it goes for example "pistol glitch" that not even now is not resolved after 1 year think yourself how this studio phase work ...
  6. Mihailnovici

    Teams vs. Solo players

    Playing solo is more rewarding than in squad; only noobs go in squad because they are not "pro" when comes to sneaking (that is critics, take and leave who is offendet); as solo you do not split loot, you can move as slow you want, you can ambush more easly (3nd "party" always win the fight's); as solo you make less noise and ofcs you can hide easyr. As party squad the only advantage you have is that are more guns and you can play more agressive than solo PS Stealth is the key for solo
  7. Mihailnovici

    Looted M4A1 issues with taking it apart.

    past few days did bought from Fence an MP-153 with AS-VAL animation, the game is broken for sure
  8. Mihailnovici

    Hacked again

    yeah, exactly, i keep sayn over the forum .... that because problems that was not fixed/near fixed, the game behave when you can't accuratly name and cheater or desync/netcode problem ... not to talk about the banal lag compensation (none) and the sttuterings ... let alone the 100% sure cheaters with aim/speed-bot and wall-hack PS forgot about the glitchers ... god mode ... is sick, countered few times till now in this patch and it drives you in rage mode ... because wasn't not even a fair fight and the exploit itself it's not fixed even after few months ...
  9. Mihailnovici

    Hacked again

    ofcs man ... why wold they hire experienced ppl to finish faster the project when
  10. Mihailnovici

    Hacked again

    well hoppe they will coup and resolve this problem that start to be more like a plague for the game, even sooner than the should be (release eta ?); my point is that if now we have this problem and will be not mentain/resolved this game will not last long; you will add it to the list of "games that died because of cheaters plague" (see the division, 1 day launch and did have problems with "cheaters" and they did resolve this problems after almost 1 year, when the game was already dead because players that bought the game did not want to play a "free to cheat" game; all this managed by a bigger studio than BSG ... Ubisoft with more $$$$$$$$ in account than BSG)
  11. what you asking is to rework the hitbox that because the desync, netcode, lag compensation, etc, are not working right (they are more like a finish touch) but because of that problems you can't test proper the hitbox as should be (only local you could test the hitbox if working as should be); why hitbox ? because hitbox is an essential key of armors to work for example see the diferences from patch to patch with the hitbox of the "head", how was it was behaving; same thing goes for torso armor's; they need to rework the hitbox as good it should be so they can adapt and rework the armors. Beside in the game exists plate carriers, and idd would be nice to use my plate carrier that i like it the most with the mole pockets that i like, and to mount the protection that i like and i have the "cheez" for it
  12. Mihailnovici

    Hacked again

    i totaly agree with you on this mater, but there also other ways to deal with this problem, is to ask for help from other solution, for example Punkbuster, Battleye, etc; ppl that know what is the "bussines", but to create an new anti-cheat system from ground up is like develop another game, there is no way in hell that the anti-cheat with active "protection" will be delivered from BSG without high costs .... there is no way they can prevail with this .... is to much effort in cost and man power, "game breakers" are always adapting
  13. Mihailnovici

    Hacked again

    pfffffff mind blow, man pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee try to understand, when is all about writing codes, more hands with skill can do the job faster, beside an other solution to be "FASTER" and "BETTER" is to contract any real anti-cheat from the market ...
  14. Mihailnovici

    Being accused of cheating...

    there is the unity problem ... the rendering is slow or none (at distance), so for many times i did also killed players that they though they are "Safe" in the bush, but the unity did help me and at distance there was no rendering at that bush, it was like a siting duck just to fire at him ... and if you would be a cheater, the "anti-cheat" would ban you (LAWL if there is an anti-cheat)
  15. Mihailnovici

    Hacked again

    actualy you can do it faster, you can hire more ppl and skillful to finish the task/project, but if you are greedy for money you will say "we work hard, we focus all "resources" to fix the problem"; yet again is another debate