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  1. Cardboard231

    Interchange gun store key?

  2. Cardboard231

    Interchange gun store key?

    Agree anyone who gets the key will soon realise it ruins the game for them.
  3. Cardboard231

    Interchange gun store key?

    the people in the video won't say were the key spawns. He only posted a link to the video he didn't make it.
  4. Cardboard231

    Peacekeeper/Ragman bug?

    I thought money never counted? It didn't for me before the wipe.
  5. Cardboard231

    Wipe coming?

    Sorry i just see eft as dayz 2.0 in which killing nakeds is a big no no
  6. Cardboard231

    Wipe coming?

    legit was going to and then went did something and forgot Anyway I used the search feature to find someone that said what you were trying to say in a more perlite way "The wipe will be announced at least a few days in advance, and probably together with the patch notes of the update it will come attached to. This has been mentioned before. Please use the search function before creating new threads, as per the rules." I don't understand what it is with this community. It's like everyone is being mean to each other and then there are the devs implementing @%&$ing dog tags to make it profitable to kill nakeds. The worst part is it isn't profitable because the nakeds are naked because there level 1. I think I over reacted so sorry but yeah
  7. Cardboard231

    Wipe coming?

    I'm very confused. I left for 3 day came back and all the traders are max level even though I'm level 27 and dirt cheap. I suspect everything is cheaper now to buy and sell and they are just adjusting the prices. Though because of someone like me that has millions of roubles it breaks the economy. Everything is cheaper equity as it is harder to get though I already have million of roubles so I can use them. The reason I'm suggesting a possible wipe is because why would they completely destroy the economy any other time except just before a wipe? They have made everything cheaper in the past just before wipes. Anyway I may have misinterpreted this as like I mentioned I've been away but what do you guys think?
  8. Cardboard231

    Fix you Us something from gamma

    I don't know how I did it but I just reloaded my gun from gamma.This may not mean you can us guns but it is highly likely you can. I'm scared
  9. Cardboard231

    Back option when claiming insurance

    Really? Thanks so much`
  10. Cardboard231

    Back option when claiming insurance

    When making an insurance claim if there isn't anywhere to put the stuff you have to restart the game. Unless someone else knows otherwise this needs to be fixed.
  11. Cardboard231

    What are you trying to do?

    My opinion (only based on the ops original comment) is that I have no say in if the mix from high end player to beginners is ok as I would say I'm moderate at this point and I doubt we will get the say from a low end player as they probably haven't got enough into the community to be here. Contradicting my self I think it's fine. Though I do think there should be an option for avoiding squads above 2. I have had too many times where I encounter a large squad with full guns and armour which I get a lucky kill on one and maybe another or even another but eventually get taken down simply because there were 5 of them. The thing with squads are there are a surprising amount of players in them that have no skills in the game, that are only "good" because they have strength in number. The truth is that even if one person squad wipes because the team is THAT BAD most of them are going to get everything they ensured back as the guy cant carry it all. Simply put playing as 1 person means you have scavs to worry about (assuming you don't have amazing loot), solo players and squads though playing in a squad even if your all trash means you only have other squads to worry about which if you've forgotten only 1 or 2 other squads can fit into the game your in. So unless your really unlucky or REALLY bad there is no possibility of loss.
  12. Cardboard231

    Scavs randomly shooting others

    I've been playing as a scav recently and I've been getting shot by others for no reason. And yes NPC Scavs not PMC Scavs. I know this because after I get shot nobody shoots them. Also no PMC would betray another scav while surrounded by like 5 others. In Developer Answers there is a Answer to a question stating that NPC Scavs can attack any Scav for some reason. They may kill their comrade for taking all the loot alone. This is translated from Russian so it doesn't have proper grammar I'm guessing it's meant to say NPC Scavs can attack any Scav for ANY reason That is my interpretation of that Which makes it sound like getting shot at by a "friendly NPC" is a feature. Why would anyone want this. It's like how the make creators but barbed wire near the exits so that if you have a dead leg and step on it after slow walking all the way to the exit then you die. There is no reason for this "feature".
  13. Cardboard231

    "Server Connection Lost"

    lol the problem is back you can see a clear gap between when it was solved and now lol you can't even see a gap because it was never solved. This game is great and rewarding but if your rewards a "well spent" on this then it may not be so fun Deserter exit status more like playing on bad servers status
  14. Cardboard231

    Game Update required

    Will come with a wipe?
  15. Cardboard231

    Game Update required

    Bois I think there may be a update anytime now Do we think it will be large one or just something that will hopefully remove the lag and general glitchyness I've personally been receiving?