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  1. Ban for forbidden software using 

    You probably want to make it clear your referring to single player which I'm presuming you are as they have already stated they ban people for cheating in other games.
  2. Ban for forbidden software using 

    At least you got to play my PC is broken for 3 weeks I'm hoping I won't miss out on all the noobs when the open beta hits "early 2018". That will be hela fun for us atleast. Personally I don't care if it is. As long as it doesn't end up like csgo. Anyway what I was gonna say was you should get insurgence claims for items that were lost due to a hackers that were later banned even if you didn't have them insured this could be easily accomplished by save logs. A second idea not sure if you already do this or if it only works in theory but what if the anti-cheat saved any program that it deemed sketchy for like a few weeks so that if the cheat is detected then if can be traced back to the hacker.
  3. Saiga Drum Mag

    I can't tell if this is a joke. I think the (insert name of weapon here) is a great weapon but if you changed (insert everything that stops it from being lawbreaking) so that (insert idea for how to make it lawbreaking) then it would be much better. Let's try that I think the Saiga is a great weapon but if you changed the size of the ammunition chambers so that it could hold more ammo then it would be much better.
  4. Filter Traders For compatible attachments

    Interesting idea. Maybe just a bookmark option to save your shopping cart for later. Tho these ideas would make trading even more complicated then it already is. Either way the point of having a search/filter system is so if you do loose the stuff you were gonna buy it doesn't take as long to find them again.
  5. Filter Traders For compatible attachments

    I don't understand do you mean as in when you retrieve items from a quest? why wouldn't it be put in your inventory immediately.
  6. Filter Traders For compatible attachments

    I love your expansion on our idea tho 15 minutes seems kind of rough maybe there's a different way to stop people from using it as a second storage.
  7. Searching for a item in trades is something that i would think and many others would just assume will be added down the line but what about filtering for attachments for weapons like right clicking on the weapon from your inventory and clicking "filter attachments" or something like that. Unlike you guys not all of us are weapon experts. PS. I thought of this while having a broken computer so I haven't played in a while and won't be able to for at-least 3 more weeks.
  8. Game is Completely Broken

    No though the lag has suddenly gone away. Maybe the Halloween update was messing with my PC. If it was out then idk. Sorry for not responding sooner.
  9. Game is Completely Broken

    Am I the only one experiencing glitches. I don't mean the ram lag but I have had a large amount of random stuff happening to me. I couldn't pickup a backpack and when I tried I got seriously wounded and died. Once I died it said I was lost in action the only problem was 10 minutes before hand I checked the clock and it said an hour. I've had the problem with not being able to move stuff but then not being able to reload. I've had my guns instantly reload and other times me mag disappears completely. It isn't dropping on the floor as I checked and checked and then lost server connection. Is this just lag from the servers starting up I don't understand how but maybe. Anyway I'll likely reinstall the game but I've got no clue.
  10. Why are guns in single fire by default. Why. In what scenario would I be like lucky I wasn't able to shoot multiple bullets at once which would cause more damage. I understand one shot it better for less recoil but why would I want less recoil for the small exchange of not being able to shoot. So sniping is one case where no recoil is more important than being able to shoot multiple bullets but that's one scenario which I find my self shooting someone from a range only every 6th kill all the other, would be kills is me getting killed because recoil is more important than being able to shoot back. Is there a setting or could one be added for this?
  11. Upgrade Purchase

    as in game version yes you literally go to the main website click preorder log in and then it will say Upgrade EDIT: It will cost the difference
  12. I attacked when I didn't

    IDK it looked like a NPC
  13. I attacked when I didn't

    No it isn't just the stats a scav shot me and it was a scav for sure even though I was one and hadn't shot anyone not even PMC
  14. I attacked when I didn't

    So I didn't even shoot and was shot by a scav as a scav. When reading the statistics for the run it said I got a rifle kill and pistol kill even though I only had a pistol. I know I'm pretty good at this game but? This is more of a bug but has this been found or?