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  1. IcRyI

    Windowed Fullscreen?

    Why is there no more Windowed Fullscreen? Actually unplayable for me in normal Fullscreen and when i uncheck the "FULLSCREEN" Box it goes into normal Windowed mode and half my game is outside of my Screen so I cant even see it.
  2. I mean who ever played about 9 months ago will remember how the weapon models changed with the FOV. And everyone loved this, the weapons looked awsome and you could see alot more of your gun that you spent some time on building. So how about bringing this back? I dont quite understand why it was taken out of the game in the first place, there probally was a valid reason but I think its a good Idea bringing this back. Would make alot of people Happy
  3. IcRyI

    Glitching Guns

    Thank you for beeing intelligent and thinking this is my video.
  4. IcRyI

    Glitching Guns

    Video removed by Mr_Sheep. You are the warrior
  5. IcRyI

    Glitching Guns

    So this dude is just gonna casually record him self glitching his gun? Interesting. Also how are so many people actually doing it again I thought it was fixed a while back.? Link removed by Mr_Sheep.
  6. IcRyI

    Weapon Companies Thread

    A great USEC counter-part to the SR1MP would be the FN Five Seven! Its great at penetrating armor. FN Contact: PO Box 9424 McLean, VA 22102 Phone: 703-288-3500 Fax: 703-288-4507 https://fnamerica.com/products/pistols/fn-five-seven/ SPECS CALIBER: 5.7x28mm OPERATION: Single-action MAG CAPACITY: 10 or 20 Rd. WEIGHT: 21 oz. (without mag) BARREL LENGTH: 4.8″ OVERALL LENGTH: 8.2″ TWIST RATE: 1:9" RH HEIGHT: 5.7" WIDTH: 1.4" TRIGGER PULL: 4.4 - 7.87 lb SIGHT RADIUS: 7.0"
  7. IcRyI

    Acog sight

    I wish
  8. IcRyI

    Acog sight

    Okay so i was super duper hyped for the new acog sight and first time I use it i was kinda disappointed because of how it looks. This is not supposed to be a insult to the designer or developer but I would love to see another option added for the Recticle (So you can just change it with the Ctrl+T(? I think)). Here are some suggestions from some other games with Acog Sights in them: Arma 3: Pubg: From Reddit:
  9. IcRyI


    Okay so i love this game been playing it alot, but there is this one thing, this thing, its making me agressive everyday. The climbing or Jumping in this game is straight dog poo. You cannot jump on a rock thats like 1/3 of your own height without jumping backwards or in a totally diffferent direction. Suggestion: Add a climbing function where a player can hold on to edges and jump to a rock and try to catch the edge with the hands kinda like parkour.
  10. IcRyI

    Gun Space

    So I been thinking about Dynamic Gun Space Usage. What I mean by this is quite Simple. For example a normal AKS with a Buttstock uses 4x2 Inventory space. Now my Idea is that a AKS with no Buttstock would only take 3x2 Slots as shown in following: https://gyazo.com/b7f9d571248483ef723ad2289993948f The same for every other Guns like M4 and AKN. Thoughts?
  11. IcRyI

    Voice over IP

    I really like this game and played it since July. One thing that this game is missing is a Voice chat (Voice over IP). Like in other games Voice chat would need to have a small radius so not everyone can just hear it from across the map. Obvsly. I think adding this would make the game 10x more funny and would just overall make it more enjoyable.
  12. IcRyI

    Weapon Companies Thread

    That is a picture from the actual Hecker & Koch website buddy
  13. IcRyI

    Weapon Companies Thread

    Hecker & Koch MP7A2 (Submachine gun) Ammo: 4.6mm x 30 (Might aswell make it 9mm) https://www.heckler-koch.com/en/company/contact.html Surely a gun of choice for close range combat
  14. IcRyI

    Weapon Companies Thread

    Heckler & Koch G36C (Assault Rifle) Ammo: 5.56x45 https://www.heckler-koch.com/en/company/contact.html The German Brother of the M4A1 thats already in the game