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  1. Instant Death?

    If it is just desync, that's a huge buzzkill. I was having a fantastic time until that started happening, and now I don't even want to bother with my PMC and just do Scav runs.
  2. Instant Death?

    I'm relatively new, but I've put a fair bit of time into the game and lately I've been running into an incredibly annoying bug, exploit, hack, or whatever. I've been doing hatchet runs in Factory to get gear and when I get rolled, I know when I get rolled. The issue I'm having is out of nowhere I get killed in a safe spot. For example, I'll be hiding in one of the bathroom stalls at full health waiting for some crazy gun battle to die down, and then I just fall over and die. The kill gets attributed to a player, but no one was around or could possibly have shot me. It wasn't a grenade because you would at least hear the pin being pulled, the grenade bouncing off a wall or the floor, and hear an impact sound on your player if the explosion doesn't trigger. Either I've been experiencing the server desync of the century all weekend, or there seems to be some kind of instant kill aimbot garbage out there. This isn't an impossible task, there used to be an incredibly nasty one for Battlefield 3 that let you kill anyone on the map without needing line of sight, but I haven't seen anyone else mentioning this anywhere. Has anyone else run into this issue?