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  1. Anyone know what this is called?

    @Context It's propably that B-3 twin, but it looks alot like CAA Tactical AKSU Picatinny Hand Guard Rails System
  2. Yeah right. Just like with all the previous updates. They will flood the servers, cause crap ton of lag and then complain about everything.
  3. Map

    You can buy certain maps from Therapist. Then once ingame you can access said map but it won't show your location on it. Instead you need to figure out where you are by looking for landmarks/comparing them to the map. After few hundred runs, you wont even need that map for anything besides picking your spawn location.
  4. Hatchling Fix

    Either deal with it or find some other game. This is what mods, devs and nikita himself think about your suggestions.
  5. Suggestion: Getting Shot With Armor

    I know the feeling mate
  6. Suggestion: Getting Shot With Armor

    I'm quite sure that it wont go as far as full realism, but it will get quite challenging/tactical once everything they planned for gets added. Well have everything from timed/animated use for meds, consumables and mag reloads to guns jamming on bad ammo or lack of maintenance, addiction/OD on painkillers etc, vaulting system, limiting jumping depending weight you carry, persistent damage/status effects between raids (you need to get yourself fixed in your hideout). Additionally there will be some types of blackout/unconsious effects on blunt trauma. All in all it mimics realism.
  7. Suggestion: Getting Shot With Armor

    @Saup141 No idea on how you came to that conclusion. the animation for meds (once added) means that instead of insta healing in middle of firefight it actually takes time for you to heal. In the next patch they are going to add timed mag reload. med use and others will come eventually. And most of us are actually waiting for those as they will force players to actually play smartly, instead of run & gun/spray & pray.
  8. Refund

    The contract partner is English. "Battlestate Games Limited, trading address: 4th Floor, 86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE," As England is still in the EU, EU Directive 97/7 / EC is used. It was converted into national law by the English in the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 "and according to the directive it is possible to cancel it 7 days after purchase, but only for physical goods where the purchaser has no possibility of inspection in advance in the purchased product and the quality had. And the real sticking point is the exclusion within the directive of audio video recordings or SOFTWARE. Since we are talking about a digital product and thus software there is no money back. Any legal dispute would therefore only smiled wearily, since the dealer is here in the clear right and there would be only a decision in the form of goodwill and this is known to be on the side of the good of the trader. The bottom line, though it may be hard, is that there is nothing left and one should accept it and rather learn its lessons so that such a case can not happen again.
  9. New Users pls read

    Oh for crying out loud. @triko and any other, who thinks that scav players should be punished for taking out other scav players. Firstly there are multiple scav groups others just criminal others damn straight insane. And no where does it say that they work together. Also while queing for raids you MUST'VE come across this. If not, then PLEASE spend few seconds while reading through that descriptions on how scavs behave. And current word on Karma, is that it only affects the PMC and only based on how said PMC acts. What you do and who you kill as a scav, is all up to you.
  10. Game

    Group Name: Wanderer's Coffee club Action: Move Interlude: After crashing on the sofa, I almost instantly drifted to sleep. In my sleep I was back in Finland, sitting in a cozy little county café which was near the place I worked at. I had been visiting this café on almost daily basis, ever since I first discovered it couple years ago. I had already pretty much stopped brewing my own morning cups, just to spend little more time in here before each of my shifts. And there she was, the reason why I came here each day to spend my hard earned money on cups of coffee, costing as much as a tin of coffee would in a shop. Johanna was her name, and she wasn't your usual soft spoken dream girl. Instead she was head strong, prickly, bold and wilfull person. But when she smiled at you, your mind would just go blank. That day after months, I had finally gathered ennough courage to ask her, if she would like to have a dinner at my place. After getting bashfull agreement from her (I didn't even know that she could act like that, and my heart almost seized). Few hours later, I was on my way to meet her. By the time I reached the place she was living in, my hearth skipped a beat. There she was, her face like a thundercloud. She might've even smiled, if not for me being almost hour late due to an emergency at work. I took a deep breath, parked my car and got ready for the looming storm that was her... *INTENCE CRACKLE OF THUNDER* I jolted up from the sofa, I was sleeping on. I was already half way through thinking how I would ask for an apology from her, untill I realised that it was nothing more than intence thunderstorms was passing over us. Moments later, I saw Slayers weary face over a red glow of cigarette and heard him say "Slept well mate? You were grinning like an idiot and murmuring about something in your own language." I flashed weary smile to him while lighting a cigarette, then I said "Just had a dream about life I could've had back in home." After couple minutes of silence I got up, stretched, looked at Slayer's sleepy eyes and told him to get some sleep. I would be on guard for rest of the night. Morning: Few hours later the storm had passed. I brew some coffee for us and started my morning rituals. As Slayer finally woke up, I knew that he was still tired, as he asked why am I always awake before him. I mentioned the guard shift but clearly he didn't comprehend, so instead I just silently gave him a cup of coffee. As he drank the coffee, he started to wake up and mentioned something about needing a somekind of tool kit in order to fix my crowbar and for maintenance of our gear. Bit later I remembered about noticing some factory district some distance to north-east of us, after some planning we agreed to focus on travel today. As we were heading off I tossed few coffee beans over my shoulder, gave quick prayer to lady luck. Then I almost bursted in laughter when I thought about our little group "What a life, ex-borderguard and ex-drug trafficker, both armed to the teeth, working together and even getting along." I couldn't help myself and said outloud "Oh tarkov, you move in mysterious ways" Midday: As we left the house we had slept in, the sun was shining and rain drops on the grass glistered like small diamonds. We once again passed that scene from dantes inferno, called an abandoned field hospital. We quickly decided to steer clear from that place and instead increased our pace and kept heading towards our new destination. Moments later we came across large park. As we were trecking through it, we came across abundance of life; squirrels rushing around the pines, cuckoo singing in distance and true orchestra of birds singing around us with no care in world. Some 30 minutes later while I was admiring some beautiful fox sitting less than 15 meters from us, Slayer started hawking about couple of deer he saw and because of that sudden noise he made, he scared them away. "These city types are unbeleavable!" I thought to myself, while staring at Slayer like parent would stare a kid who had done something foolish. Maybe 15 minutes later Slayer suttenly grabbed my shoulder and pulled me to a halt, while pointing at type of snake I knew damn well. Impressed about his senses I had to change my previous opinnion, and as we circled around the snake I smiled and whispered "Well well, seems like there's still hope for you lad, we can still make a ranger out of you." Evening: After we had finally passed through the park and circled around a pond that we found on it's edge, the light was quickly dimming and we decided to find some building to crash for the night. Once again after finding suitable place, we cleared through it and blocked the exits. As Slayer was clearly tired, I told him to get some sleep first. In mean while I would spend the time by reminiscing about a certain café.
  11. Suggestion: Getting Shot With Armor

    Yeah combine that with new 10 round mag for saiga-12, and we'll have new meta in our hands for a while. After that everyone will be running with those new helmets that have armored face covers on them. Then it's back to usual AP the crap out of them or blow their knees/arms to high heavens. They are tweaking the aim punch because currently it's done in RNG fashion so from time to time you can get heavyer aim punch from being hit with a 9x18 than from 7.62x54R and chance for it actually happen is also a random thing not affected by any player actions besides shooting and rolling your lucky dices.
  12. Suggestion: Getting Shot With Armor

    Dont worry it'll come eventually. Also they are constantly tweaking armors and other things. So while it may take a while this game will eventually become more of a tactical team based milsim, instead of current CoD style run and gun with sprinkle of spray and pray. Next patch, while temporaly disabling aim-punch (untill it's closer to a real thing), increases gun recoil by 20% and puts that time consuming mag reloading into the game (about 29s for 30rnd clip). Also it brings actual hitbox for face. So even if someone is running with fort and fast, without proper face shield it'll be one hit kill if the round connects with the flesh.
  13. Suggestion: Getting Shot With Armor

    there is no medical animations in the new patch... only mag reload that takes longer.
  14. customs map error

    Thats minor/insignificant thing. Currently the game is in beta testing for actual game affecting bugs, and they constantly add new things. Stuff like that is among the last minor things they will eventually fix. So no it doesn't make me wonder, other than why did I waste my time checking your post.
  15. Suggestion to implement in the game

    @Kronikman07 I know, and I'm saying that it works as intended. Stop trying to casualize this game. Either put it in your vest/pocket or deal with it. I'd love to see your reaction when timed/animated healing and persistent damage are implemented.