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  1. UncleDark

    Screw it

    ... We are still in CLOSED beta phase...
  2. UncleDark

    Can't shoot while someone is in front of you

    Just because you have a body armor, it doesn't mean that every part of you body is protected. Just like helmets without face shield, won't protect your whole head. And that gun raise has been in the game for about a 6 months now.
  3. UncleDark

    Super unplayable fps

    I just wish, that those settings would be a bit more optimised
  4. UncleDark

    Super unplayable fps

    It doesn't affect the distance in which the characters are drawn, just objects detail and background.
  5. UncleDark

    To all the wigglers and scav wigglers

    Miracles do happen. But they are few and far between.
  6. UncleDark

    Tarkov Cheating

    @snikkel Ehh, Europe 10:33am...
  7. UncleDark

    Tarkov Cheating

    Define today. I've seen atleast a dozen posts complaining about cheaters, TKers or scammers today. With additional half a dozen "OMG SCAVS SO OP" and "REMOV FACE HITBOX NAO" posts since I got up 6 hours ago...
  8. UncleDark

    About combat realism and bullet damage...

    82 damage in 6 hits... You definitely hit armor. PM packs decent punch, but only on soft targets.
  9. UncleDark

    Super unplayable fps

    Even if you may not like it, change resolution to 1080p and drop overall visibility to 1k or 2k.
  10. UncleDark

    Looking for people to play with

    @crushin If you play on EU, I can occasionally help ye. But I'm mostly lone wolfing it. (But then running in teams is fun from time to time). Also if you need a hand with stuff, I can provide or instructions.
  11. UncleDark

    So basically in this game you don't need helmet!

    @Newmatic_Weasel the amount of kinetic energy is the same as the shooter feels on his shoulder. So no it wouldn't snap your neck or turn you into a vegetable. it's more like a strong punch into your head. So getting dizzy, concussed or on bad case a brain hemmorrhage. People seems have a weird misconception, that bullet hitting something carries more power than what the shooter feels when firing his gun. While that is completely against laws of physics. Faster the projectile is, the more recoil it has.
  12. UncleDark

    So basically in this game you don't need helmet!

    @eftballistics Ah cheers for clarifying that.
  13. UncleDark

    So basically in this game you don't need helmet!

    Judging by their chart 5.45 BS and anything that has equal or higher armor penetration rating will go through it while anything less gets stopped. So the bullets that can penetrate Altyn would most likely be 7.62x54 SNB 7.62x54 LPS_Gzh 7.62x51 M62 7.62x51 M61 7.62x51 M81 5.56 M995 5.45 BS
  14. UncleDark

    So basically in this game you don't need helmet!

    It's not a guide mate it. It simply shows that only helmet that has any chance to protect against armor piercing ammo is altyn. Rest, like their real life counter parts, only stop pistol ammo and fragments.
  15. UncleDark

    So basically in this game you don't need helmet!