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  1. Cheaters ban

    Great Work BSG.. Makes me sick to see some of the familiar names on the list Ban them all and never let them play EFT again.
  2. =UwG= United World Gamers. Est.2003

    Yo yo yo.. calling all survivors we need more of you. Head over to connect to team speak and get involved :] Looking forward to seeing you guys.
  3. =UwG= United World Gamers. Est.2003

    Anyone want to raid ????
  4. =UwG= United World Gamers. Est.2003

    come join us!! we are waiting for YOU!
  5. Bugs

    Oh the Launcher ther is a section for bug reporting :]
  6. =UwG= United World Gamers. Est.2003

    Awesome community. i have been part of the UWG community for a couple of months now an i can honestly say that i am really enjoying my time gaming with the UWG members they are really friendly and very helpful. i would recommend UWG if you are looking for a awesome community.