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  1. And again not fixed...
  2. PGR70

    Cannot sell items to traders

    10.6 still did not solve this one! It is still not possible to sell stuff to traders! That adding to the error of the trader menus being in a very low resolution... :( What a crap release this... seems that they did not do any testing themselves...
  3. Sadly enough this is still not solved in 10.6.... Why did they not solve it in this release??? Game is pretty much not playable in 3440x1440... Traders menu's is still very low resolution, so that you cannot see what items to barter...
  4. I cannot sell items to traders. The game just hangs when I click 'Deal'. Anyone else the same problem?
  5. PGR70

    leaving game not work

    +1 I have this too. And then the game does not save your examined items etc. So you have to do this all over again...
  6. The new 3440x1440 aspect ratio does not work. If you select it, and save the settings, it reverts to 4:3 aspect ratio. This happens also when you shut down and restart the game in between. Also, the Traders screen resolution is set to a very low resolution (see screenshot). For larger barter items you are not able to see which items you have to have to buy the item. This way the traders are not useable!!!
  7. I've been farming for this key constantly on Customs (cabinet room/gas station and office/big red building) for a couple of weeks now to find Sanatorium key 306 East Wing, but to no avail... Does it still spawn there? Or is there another spawn location?
  8. PGR70

    Game economy: no use for Euro's?

    Ah good, I almost have Therapist on level 4. But it was good when also the weapon cases could be purchased by Euros.
  9. PGR70

    Game economy: no use for Euro's?

    Hm, strange. On the wiki and other sources it says that you can only by wcases from Mechanic level 2 for 7 bitcoins. Bitcoins are also much harder to find by the way. I mostly find Euro's on Shoreline in the rooms on desks, in safes, etc.
  10. Euro's are quite common in the game, and if you farm consistently, you end up quickly with more than 10K Euro's. At the time of the previous patches, you could buy (weapons) containers with them. A good use. Now that is not possible anymore. There are some items available for euro's, but no large stuff. So now I end up stacking Euro's and not spending them, while I do need dollars and roubles. Am I missing something or is the Euro game economy broken or at least not optimized now?
  11. PGR70

    What's in the flash drive?

    Have they nerfed the chance of the USB flash drives to spawn in computers? I've run tens of runs on Shoreline and checked all computers. None with a flash drives. Then started to run Woods tent, also no luck there...
  12. PGR70

    Dogtag glitches

    Last raids I regularly encounter players from who I cannot take the dogtag and put it somewhere in my inventory. If I try to place it somewhere in my inventory (doesn't matter where, pockets, backpack, secure container, etc.) and I lift my mousebutton, it 'flips' back to the players dogtag 'pocket'. Is this just a bug or is there a new glitch for dogtags?
  13. 100% agree. The game is above version 8.5 and see in what state it is in... They keep on saying: netcode will be optimized. But optimizing this netcode will never make it better, let alone good. They need to redesign and redevelop the netcoding model and coding itself. And that will not be finished before the end-of-year... This game is very, very far from completion, and not worthy the beta testing status...