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  1. PGR70

    Bizarre Flea trades?

    Yes, it is trying to get people to trade in their full containers. Just another kind of 'dollar scam'.
  2. PGR70

    Pistol Kills

    I also suspect a higher chance of cheaters targetting you when you run with high-value gear. I had two instances when I was killed under very suspicious circumstances on Shoreline while running high-value gear. I once spawned at the spawn along the fence (nearer to the resort than 'wrecked house') and I started running towards the resort, through the bushes along the fence. After passing the rocks (with the two crates) I was one-shotted from the back. There is no other spawn from where you can be so quick at those rocks running normal speed. And you certainly are not able to spot someone running in front of you because of the bushes... The other time I spawned at the spawn closest to the West Wing. I immediately started running towards the West Wing and entered the basement to look for the Lab security key in the Gym. Was shot by a guy already camping the spot... I do not think there is another spawn that enables you to get there sooner than from my spawn... Another time I spawned at the spawn closest to the East Wing. Immediately went there and when I arrived at 310 it was already looted. I heard someone running VERYYY fast along the hallway. Started chasing him but he ran past me. Was a speedhacking hatchling. He started looting all rooms at the second floor as well. I camped him in the second floor hallway where he started trying to knife me. Won the fight. Have a video as proof. Man, this game is ruined by speedhackers harvesting keys from all maps or robbing players from high-tier loot and selling it on Flea Market...
  3. PGR70

    Glitch workaround?

    Report it as a bug. More people have this problem (I do as well).
  4. PGR70

    Flea market and misclicks

    I think they could adapt the 'default selecting mode' of the 'sell' window. Now it seems to randomly pick an item from your inventory and you have to select the right article yourself (obviously). They could make this less random and per default always select the first item of your inventory. Then you could place an inexpensive item in the first slot and you will never sell expensive stuff by mistake anymore.
  5. PGR70

    O dear what a BUG

    Have had this happening to me too on other maps. Shoreline for example. It seems to be happening when the server is lagging. You can open doors, but they immediately close again. So you cannot enter or leave the room. Especially if you are in a room at Shoreline this is a pain in the ass....
  6. PGR70

    Flea Market items missing

    I have the same problem. The 'my offers' count does not show all your offered items. But luckily, they are still there. When I startup the game again, then (once) it shows the right number of 'my offers'. But it is indeed very annoying, as you cannot see how many 'slots' you have left to offer items.
  7. PGR70

    My PC and the performance

    @ShiroTenshi I see different things happening. Included is a screenshot from the HWInfo log of a complete set of raids. So including menu-time inbetween matches. My system: i7 6700K (4.4GHz), ASRock Z170 Extreme 4, 16GB DDR4 (3GHz), AMD Fury 4Gb Settings in game: textures high, SSAO medium, AA off, getting most of the time between 40-70fps with some dips on Shoreline to 30-35fps. You see that my cores are all more or less equally used, core 3 the most. The second threads on all cores are used less intensively. All in all, the processor load never goes above 65%, with an average of 27% of the most used core. My video card however, is used to the max during the raids. Full 100% GPU usage, with a lot of the time also all video memory committed. It does seem that performance impact on systems seems to vary among systems. I do concur with your advice to wait with upgrading until the game is fully optimized. I also wanted to upgrade my system, but chose to lower some settings instead.
  8. PGR70


    Yeah, speedhackers are speed-harvesting the maps for keys and easy bitcoins. Almost never find a key anymore, but there are a lot of keys up for sale at the Flea Market. Last week I arrived at the Resort on Shoreline from the most nearby spawn, finding room 310 already open... I then heared running sounds, but from someone running much faster than normal. I tried to chase the speedhacker and saw him pass me a few times. I caught him near the bridge passage between the West and East buildings. He tried to hatchet me from behind, but I managed to shoot him. Obviously I know who it was. Also have a video as proof. I think BSG should open a way of submitting hacker reports and acting upon it. Their anti-cheat detection is obviously not working and the ban waves are too far apart from each other...
  9. PGR70

    Aaaand again down?

    Yeah, they are having problems again. My launcher will not start again...
  10. Yes, they seem to have fixed that. But the lousy traders resolution remains...
  11. PGR70

    My PC and the performance

    That's what I say. This engine/game does not use the CPU extensively. It uses your graphics card to the max. So better to upgrade your graphics card then your CPU...
  12. PGR70

    My PC and the performance

    Well, you are right with regard to intensity of CPU usage. When I measure CPU usage during a game of EFT, the CPU does not go over 60% utilization (i7 6700K @ 4.5GHz). But it does use all cores. All cores are more or less equally busy during a game of EFT. My graphics card however is almost constantly at 100% (AMD Fury).
  13. PGR70

    Can i pls have some ammo?

    I think the point is that this has nothing to do with playing Tarkov. It is just about writing macro's so that you can by a lot of ammo quickly from Prapor and other traders, and then sell it at premium prices on the Flea Market. Totally destroys the playing for people who do not have a lot of money and who cannot 'camp' the traders because they do not play the game everyday for 10 hours... I think ammo supply at traders should be set to infinite.
  14. And it works again...? Strange things are happening...