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  1. The last three days....

    With any update there are chances of the servers being overloaded and the hamsters not being able to keep up. It will smooth out.
  2. next ban wave?

    The anti cheat will pick up players presumed cheating and it will be looked over and banned accordingly.
  3. playing in the dark as a newbie?

    @RavingGamer Once you get used to the aspect of the game and how everything runs you will have a different outlook on the game im sure. But all the points above are valid and i agree with using the offline mode to practice. Use it first without PVE so that you can get used to the maps, than use the PVE so you can practice with AI.
  4. Crawling prone is too slow

    There is a prone skill level up
  5. The in game anti-cheat does catch the hackers and they are being banned. They will still show up but they are being caught.
  6. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Loving the turn outs!
  7. Gamma Glitch (Game version 0.6.1)

    @shon88888 Please PM me with details and the video
  8. Factory Extraction Issues

    Do you by chance have your error log for this event or sent in a support ticket?
  9. Best Hatchet Simulator 2018

    Once again, Please refer to the orange bar in the middle of the screen Thanks!
  10. Things needing fixed ASAP

    In due time these should be fixed. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  11. Can't handover fort armor

    The durability is too low
  12. Bugged XP Gain

    Please do this, anything like that should be reported so it can be corrected
  13. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Well we had a fun event tonight for our mandatory, we had all of our members join Shoreline, or TAWline and have a free for all. who ever gets the most TAW tags or tags in general wins....the lobby was..interesting
  14. This is something that could be server side because of the heavy load that is hitting them at the moment.
  15. BEAR to USEC??

    Yes, With a account refresh you will be able to chose which faction you would like to play as. Also you will get the starting loot that comes with the package you have for your game.