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    Would you like a wipe in patch 0.11?

    I don't care about my stash tbh. I farm money to I can afford some armors, helmets and some weapons and then I go out for PVP action till I'm broke. Then farm money till I can gear up again, and that's how it goes. But I would prefer if they didn't wipe, cause of my level and skill levels. But hey, just do what you gotta do - I don't care that much in the end.
  2. Subject89

    War With Cheaters!

    You should have seen it. We met him on Shoreline around Rock passage extraction. We didn't see him, we just heard the shots, one of us got killed by him up there. We pulled back, went sneaky and ran towards powerplant. Guess who's killed us from Powerplant when we closed up, same guy. Explain how he could get there before us and instakill us like he did. That was obviously cheating. He also have a second account that's banned.
  3. Subject89

    War With Cheaters!

    This guy https://gyazo.com/e602cdcad1107d71cf94eb95c2ce2a3b killed my squad and I, and he's still not banned. How come he's not on the banlist?
  4. Subject89

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    @Fence Robban (Subject89)#2699 Verify please