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  1. down


  2. down


    Please add "TAKE ALL" button for the things that you sell
  3. down

    When is the new map coming?

    do u know da way ? sorry i had to say it
  4. down

    New Items Coming! Soon!! 6-18-18

    Its flare gun
  5. down

    6B43 6A Armor

    Ok armor is fixed now,should i delete the thread or mod lock it ?
  6. down

    Talking Tarkov Podcast #3

    [QUESTION] Is the AEK-971 riffle coming in the game and if so when ?
  7. i wanna see how an Ak74 will beat this ....
  8. down

    6B43 6A Armor

    Oh im making outlandish claims im giving my opinion and suggesting about the game you gave yours too wtf is wrong with u why u keep going i asked u few post early not to make the place of arguing i accept all points of views and evryone opinion like i told you 3 times already we UNDERSTOOD YOU ARE HAPPY WITH THE CURRENT STATE OF THE ARMOR HAPPY PLAYING WITH IT
  9. down

    6B43 6A Armor

    Ok anything else ? we understood that you are happy with the current state of the armor ..... like i say happy playing with it
  10. down

    6B43 6A Armor

    Ok thanks anything else ?
  11. down

    6B43 6A Armor

    ok anything else to add ? its ok for you,we see,ok happy playing with it then
  12. down

    6B43 6A Armor

    i agree with you guys ,right now its too nerfed need a little bit more tweaks
  13. down

    New character model

  14. down

    Is it fun anymore.....?

    I dont have anymore fun becase i complete all the quest im rich and im level 40 HALP
  15. down

    M4A1 Lowest Recoil

    Nope this is the lowest recoil build,its a lazer gun