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  1. Rebalancing the pouch (Nerfing hatchling runs)

    Yup, exactly. Plus people will now protect their loot so they will think twice before starting a run with hatchet only. Makarov meta incoming.
  2. The Punisher PT.6 Impossible

    thats cheating and shame on you if you do Can you save me your lectures and get to the point finally? I mean, I am on EU and I am not Russian either if thats what you think...
  3. The Punisher Part 3 / Timed tasks

    I am sorry if I upset you, wasnt my intentions. I just feel like there is no need to bring back already solved problems or answered questions when they are just hanging out there all over the media for new people to see.
  4. Rebalancing the pouch (Nerfing hatchling runs)

    Thats well said. So to make it clear. I want container to be one of those "realistic aspects" you talking about. I dont need the whole game to be realistic for it or whatsoever. I am still talking only about container only.
  5. Rebalancing the pouch (Nerfing hatchling runs)

    Exaggeration is something that kids do to get attention. The point been made by creating a topic actually about container is not realistic. How can you put "totally" and "kinda" in the same sentence? So are you totally sure or you kinda? Its like answering "maybe" on a clear yes/no question.
  6. Insurance is completely absurd

    I feel you bro, but without any offense, how many people without mobile network coverage you think is playing this game? Its a business afterall and you have to make majority of community happy to keep the business alive right? They cannot cancel or change their plans bcoz few of their customers doesnt have mobile network. I am sorry.
  7. spawn camping

    Well I tried to leave as this topic is just ridiculous, but then someone quoted me and brought me back... Please, read the new patch notes, it will give you a hint if you are smart enough what was actually hapenning and why so many people were wrongly thinking they are being spawn camped as I also mentioned many times, not just in this topic too. And the devs fixing it this patch which only confirms my theory. Feels actualy good to be honest. P.S.: Still waiting for someone to complain about Shoreline spawncamping. Until this day I havent seen anyone. Everyone just making topics about Woods/Customs "camping". Ever wondered why?
  8. Rebalancing the pouch (Nerfing hatchling runs)

    I am sorry, I dont mean to take a piss, but it seems you havent been listening too much. We said that keys you get to keep. Make it be the container or brand new slot for keybars, doesnt matter. I would even agree with meds, maps, ammo. But guns, banter items and whatever else you find in raid? It just doesnt belong there. Its breaking what the game represents the most, hardcore and realism. Now you are just overreacting with nonsense and everyone laughing to you. Great job. All we talk about is container only that is breaking the game. If you dont wanna talk about it or wanna talk about different topic (realism), make yourself a new topic. This one is about containers. Thank you very much.
  9. The Punisher PT.6 Impossible

    Pretty much. Q&A on facebook page answered this question tho. Also its not just about quests and factions, this karma should also affect your stance with traders. As a BEAR, Peacekeep wont like you and give you high prices anyway, same goes for USECs and Prapor. People should choose characters not only by the look and language and whatever else, but also by the gun they wanna play in future. I am personal lover of M4, M16 and SCAR, thats why I will always go for USEC. ... telling this to someone from the actual HEART of Europe is just hilarious. You made my day friend! AHAHAHHHA!!!!
  10. The Punisher PT.6 Impossible

    Well then shame on you. This quest is probably the most enjoyable of them all and you missed it. I thought this game attract people who like it hardcore and challenging and intense. They might aswell just cancell the quest and give free Epsilons since you can just do this. Same with team of players and their dogtags. Easy fast money ... seriously shame on you, make me wanna vomit
  11. The Punisher Part 3 / Timed tasks

    Ahahhhahahahaha, thats some very bad luck there! On the honest page, timer should stop once its done. You had to hit the exact moment between completion and tim over. Or just beta bug idk. Well, good luck
  12. The Punisher Part 3 / Timed tasks

    Next time use search function first. This has been discussed a lot of times already and majority of players agreed to the exact same. Plus, did you read the Q&A on Facebook where Devs talked about quests? Obviously not, otherwise you wouldnt be asking this question. Why are people who dont read allowed to write?
  13. Battle Royale for the future

    There is someone who would like to talk to you about it...
  14. Rebalancing the pouch (Nerfing hatchling runs)

    1. This topic is about Containers (pouches), not another hatchling topic, please keep on that. 2. I think that strong hit with an axe right in your face should kill you. No matter if its front or back. This is still supposed to be realistic so lets not make any arcade balancing changes. One melee attack in head you done. Its like Kiver, which is not finished yet. Right now it protects your whole head. When they finish the hitboxes, you should be able to one-shot anyone wearing Kiver in between his eyes, even with just Makarov, bcoz visualy, there is no armor.
  15. Rebalancing the pouch (Nerfing hatchling runs)

    Even tho I like this idea, it still has a little catch. You could still bring a firegun in your container and pull it out only when you are sure of a kill. You cannot put it back, ok, fair enough, but its insured so I will just dump it in the nearest bush right? I am sorry, but this wouldnt fix anything. I like the Clayton's idea with cooldowns, its not perfect, but its better than whatever joke we have now. They said hardcore and insurance/containers ruined it all, made it hatchling fest. Timers would make sense in certain situations Clayton mentioned above, but its rare. Most of time people would loot and hide until the timer is finished and you wouldnt find them. I would personally cancell the containers completely or use Gas's idea when you cannot put the things inside your container whilist in raid, you can only pull them out, but I would add to it the original idea when you can store there only certain items such as mentioned above: keys, meds...