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  1. neur0tix


    Things go WILD when PACA is more rare than Bitcoin...
  2. neur0tix

    Gear value game mode idea

    there are 4 official announced game modes for Tarkov. Story, Raid, Arena, Open world. So far we have only one of them. Let them finish the game first, try their gamemodes, maybe you will be surprised and happy with what they will make. If you wont, only after then you can try to promote your own idea of game mode.
  3. neur0tix

    Damage system

    You still dont get it. You dont need to destroy fort armor to kill a player for god sake. If the bullet penetrates the armor, player will lose health. Simple. You are missing some very basic knowledge of the game, yet you throwing patches, stats and wiki on me. Its funny because Fort actually got nerfed to 50 durability so in your "logic" it would be 5 bullets and not 7, which is still wrong anyway. My advice: Get right information before making a statement. Thank you.
  4. neur0tix

    A issue that needs tackling.

    Then I guess it would be ok, but for now anticheat must be enough. There is still so much to do in developing this game and such a feature like this one should be left aside for now.
  5. neur0tix

    A issue that needs tackling.

    I hate this feature as it helps your teammates locate the enemy via voicechat. Maybe if there is a rule that whole team is dead before the feature gets avilable. Dont know how it is in PUBG, didnt play PUBG since I bought Tarkov.
  6. neur0tix

    Factory Extractions need rework

    that one is bugged for scavs actually. It happened before when you were wearing pilgrim, which got fixed I think. DOnt know what went wrong this time.
  7. neur0tix

    Damage system

    No its not. It still takes 3-4 hits. Fort always been level 6, they actually nerfed its durability from 70 to 50. Anyway it doesnt matter that much, seems that you dont really understand how AP works. You dont need to destroy Fort armor to kill the guy. If you penetrate his armor, the bullet doesnt just disappear. It will do reduced damage to the players body. Lets say there is a guy with full armor and full chest HP. You hit him with AP ammo to the chest and he lose about 25 points on Fort armor and 80% of his chest max health. Sometimes you just dont penetrate, thats why it could take up to 5 hits maybe. But so far, I seen tests taking it down in 3 hits.
  8. well no? Aint no arcade pal and PUBG style quick looting. You gotta search though that cabinet or box, lift up things, move things, to find more things, just like IRL when you are searching for something in your table-drobe
  9. neur0tix

    A issue that needs tackling.

    Well since you hide in nearest bush after spawn to check on your FPS, I automatically supposed this bush was still on spawn area. Explain more details next time.
  10. neur0tix

    To many hackers

    they just increased deployment to 20sec which is enough time even for HDD to load the game. What are you saying is normal with Scav spawning on Factory, where the game already started and PMC could be camping everywhere.
  11. neur0tix

    To many hackers

    Never met a hacker in this game. Dont stay at spawn in Factory, people rushing it. Hackers will get banned sooner or later, dont need to report or complain.
  12. neur0tix

    A issue that needs tackling.

    So where was the hack exactly again? I can get to the next nearest spawn on Customs in 30 seconds and kill anyone who is not very inteligent to not leave his spawn right after deployment without hacks. I can also one-tap you from 1m in Fast-MT with AP ammo without hacks. Hell sometimes even a pistol can penetrate kiver, especially on close-range, WITHOUT HACKS. Welcome to reality, this is Tarkov. Are you sure you are not being watched? BUT THIS GUY ABOVE WAS HACKING FOR SURE
  13. Supporting this idea too for a long long time now. Its destroying the gear-fear and hardcore-feels so bad, its making people do hatchet runs and its in contradiction with reality. I would just like to add that insurance is not actually fine. Maybe it works fine for solo players. As a team-only player, I never lose my gear. Even tho I fail and die my punishment is literally NONE because my team just hide it. Honestly I think if you want to save your dead-friend equipment, you should grab it and extract with it. Not making sure insurance will handle that. Thats just wrong.
  14. Think you are just too affraid of the hardcore-shape of the game. In-game currency is absolutely no problem in this game due to containers, insurance, dogtags, safes, AP ammo. This game is about skill mostly. If you confront better geared player, you just DONT fight him instantly like you do in COD or CS:GO. You must find your advantages elsewhere since its not in gear. It could be many scenarios and many situations. As an example your advantage could be: high ground, distraction, flanking, enemy's greediness, wait him to start loot etc. Many players seeing this as a shooter game and then all they care about is gear, while in fact, its a survival game and knowledge is stronger than any kind of steel plate. Anyway, I get it, this game is not for everyone. Enjoy your shooting in a window rails, if you know what I mean.
  15. neur0tix

    Damage system

    Thats what happens when you try to break a wall with a dildo. Try using 5.45x39 BS ammo. Hint: 3 hits to kill fort guy in a chest.