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  1. How do we report Hackers

    Answered #Locked
  2. Launcher update contains malware?

    @Tsahr Yeah its super weird that Windows Defender is detecting and blocking BsgLauncher. To my knowledge we have never had an issue with Windows Defender.
  3. Launcher update contains malware?

    @Tsahr Never fear, If you successfully update the game you can bypass the launcher by running the game from EscapeFromTarkov.exe directly!
  4. Launcher update contains malware?

    @Tsahr Whitelist BsgLauncher.exe and if you still are unable to open the launcher disable Virus & Threat protection inside Windows Defender and try to run the launcher again. If your issue persists try to reinstall the launcher with and without WD disabled and report back with your findings.
  5. Launcher update contains malware?

    @Tsahr If Kaspersky was ever installed on your computer and you haven't done a reinstall of Windows recently then Windows Defender may be detecting EFT as a virus due to Kaspersky's false positive. I can assure you that BSGLauncher.exe is not a virus if downloaded from the main website. To properly add the program to the whitelist inside of your Antivirus you must whitelist both BSGLauncher.exe and EscapeFromTarkov.exe which can be found in their respective folders. BSGLauncher.exe: e.g (C:/Battlestate Games/BsgLauncher/BsgLauncher.exe) EscapeFromTarkov.exe: e.g (C:/Games/EFT/EscapeFromTarkov.exe) Your file structure may be different but you MUST whitelist both of the executable files. To answer your question it is 100% safe to turn off Windows Defender and install the launcher IF you downloaded it from this website. I suggest you do not install or run any other programs while it is turned off and I cannot be held accountable if another program already on your computer causes any issues. After the install is complete IMMEDIATELY turn Windows Defender back on if no other Antivirus is protecting your system. If Windows Defender still blocks the launcher from running the issue is internal and caused by your system and on that I cannot help you. Hopefully this isn't the case!
  6. Quest Mega Thread

    Any idea what Punisher 4-6 give you as rewards? Item wise? Number 3 gives you a DVL 10 i think.
  7. High Bandwidth Usage.

    So this doesn't necessarily relate to the fact of high bandwidth usage in the game. My question is. When I invite people to the lobby. Why do I upload packets to the game. I can only assume the game/engine routes packets through my PC and to my friends. I don't lag at any other time. Only if I host the lobby. Its not a problem for me, I would just like some clarification. Regards Ghillie!