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  1. Mini SVD (gone wrong)

    Got a hell of a shock there. didn’t expect to see the gun equivalent of the elephant man.
  2. Soon - Escape from Tarkov forum text RPG!

    This game could really benefit from something like this. it adds a little more of a community sense to the game. considering there is no ingame text or voice chat (you can text chat in menu but not in raid) so you cant actually communicate with any other player you meet in game. of course you can use the coms wheel in game but that's still not the same as being able to ask a question or have a conversation. Im not saying lets turn this game into a glorified RPG but being able to ask someones name after they just saved your ass is always nice. Exactly what i thought. this sounds awesome
  3. Soon - Escape from Tarkov forum text RPG!

    this is a really cool concept. i assume this has been done in a d&d fashion before, but with the Tarkov universe and lore this could be really interesting. i'll be checking this out for sure. what are your thoughts guys? this genuinely really intrigues me.
  4. is there a way to purchase from vendors faster?

    i meant i'd give him the item.....
  5. New Weapons??

    Well said sir, lesson learned
  6. New Weapons??

    Great eye dude. Didn’t even spot that up there.
  7. New Weapons??

    Guns I’m absolutely desperate to see in tarkov. Mosin-Nagant, Famas, ACR just the first few from the top of my head. I want a cheap bolt action so bad though.
  8. Fence Issue

    Damn straight bruh Il do this tonight. Thank you. I had no idea.
  9. is there a way to purchase from vendors faster?

    I totally get you man. It’s crazy. If your still stuck I can help you get them if you need. Good luck.
  10. SKS

    so will we see this fixed mag variant in the game? i think aesthetically this is more pleasing, but it could just be my inner dayz fan seeping out a little. sorry if this question has been previously answered. i couldn't see it myself. Thanks y'all
  11. New player, looking for sherpa and someone to play with

    Feel free to hit me up too. I have a fair bit of experience myself. CaptainRiik in game. Happy trails.
  12. ** Server Matching Times

    ouch dude! sorry to hear. that task......honestly......the hardest thing i've done in Tarkov by far. i would defo wait for some extra servers before accepting it. chances are with the matchmaking the way it is, you'd probs get 3 maybe 4 raids in. its just not enough time. Hope the servers stabilize your end soon.
  13. ** Server Matching Times

    Considering how far the games come already, i'm sure this wont take long Battlestate Devs have really put the work in to get the project to this state. I have total faith in the team. See you in the IDEA store soon
  14. ** Server Matching Times

    I completed the kill 25 Bears mission yesterday. Massive thanks to the server matching being kind to me. I'm a UK player and had little to no issue finding games (on factory) in under 2 mins. Servers have definitely improved since new years. Thanks guys. Keep up the awesome work.
  15. Fence Issue

    That’s a really good point I never thought of that. Thanks for sharing.