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  1. Help with prapor task

    Already did that still no work
  2. Help with prapor task

    So i just did the task for parpor where you go on customs and get the black thing in the office and i left so i go to factory and plant the black box then extract and i go to the one in stairs with the factory key and when i get done it still says exit the factory location I did not come this far for this game to do this to me.
  3. Need help

    So im thinking about upgrading my pack to edge of darkness and i dont wants to lose my m4s when i upgrade do i lose all my stats with trades and lose all my stuff in my inv
  4. Bad Backend matching

    So when me and my friend where loading into factory with full gear it said on my screen bad backend matching and when he tried to join me it said the same thing to him i'm not sure what it could be.
  5. My game crash when i start it

    So when i start my game it loads then says It "appears the game has terminated with an error. Do you wish to report it?" and i don't know what to do i have send crash reports but i never get a asnwer.