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  1. I can't get started in this game

    Play nighttime shoreline, when you get the wall spawn run up the wall to the bunker exit, learn to take those 2-5 scavs there and extract. Youll be much better off after a dozen runs.
  2. Stuck in Matching

    605 is gone for me, matching is taking 4-5mins which is no big deal - it works for me no worries now.
  3. What am I supposed to do?

    LOL indeed!
  4. What am I supposed to do?

    Play several Scav runs and try to build some basic kit up. Then pick a map (I suggest shoreline) and just play that map with your PMC until you get better at spotting and engaging enemies. Get used to the map and what positions work, and which ones do not. Move cover to cove rand try to observe other players, you don't always have to fight them. Soetimes move to safety and hide up for 5mins before you move out, try and engage enemies that are already engaged or wounded or even dead.................and take loot. Once your situational awareness is improved within EFT you will start to do much better.
  5. This game's concept is a failure

    I have found the game concept to be fantastic personally. I come from a strong survival (RUST, DayZ SA) and shooter FPS (Insurgency, Squad) background, to have MMO elements is proving much fun. Granted I am only 3 weeks into the game, and whilst i am putting alot of time in I am fully aware of burn out and also it's not a finished game yet, it's an unfinished project. There is much to critique, but also much to praise. I would love to see the AI continued to be improved, not having them would be a great loss for this game. For me, where they are at it's pretty straight forward. Focus on server stability and performance. Then move on with features and content. If this happens EFT will do very well indeed.
  6. OP just hang in there and let time teach you, also don't be afraid to change your playstyle and find out what works for you. There is alot to be said for letting a round develop and moving onto the action - once it has started. Move slow or move fast, not middle speed. Keep in cover and when you get the drop on someone, empty your clip into them until they drop.
  7. Karma isn't gonna cut it.

    For me the faction based game play is a really interesting thing and there should be a penalty for friendly fire, accidental or not. But it needs to be reasonably balanced. A strong way of dealing with this could be the same faction is unlootable (unless your in same group that round re saving/hiding your mates gear). Also forcing player groupseach round to be same faction is a decent thing to do IMO. Plus a financial penalty for each same faction kill.
  8. Scav mode ... again

    Sorry i'm new - so you can select play as Scav player and still join a group of other PMC's and/or Scav players? If so, dev's please change so Scav players can only spawn solo!
  9. Help with Improving my play

    This I learn't last night and my results got much better, I am so used to 1-3 shot kills in other games I play.