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  1. Only includes the ones I see at my meager level BUT! some are useful to remember and glance at another monitor a moment to remember when I am shuffling through file cabinets Hope others find this useful!
  2. NURabbit

    THANKS TARKOV!! ... (riiiiiiight)

    Now I still love you okay baby... but soon after we met.. you got me aroused when you went into detail about your 'advanced clothing' system, where I would never have to look at ugly clipped outfits ever again.... .... Then this happened... ... and somehow it did not feel nearly as bad
  3. NURabbit

    2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    How about the ability to CLIMB / Mantle? Ever since I started playing this has bothered me to no end ... not to mention almost entirely nullifying the usefulness of sniper rifles >.<
  4. Normally I put things into the trade window with CTRL+Mouse1, When still in buy mode, it would be a LOT easier and faster to automatically switch to sell mode! Another idea (borrowed from other games, but very effective, and much faster than the current system) would be to employ a split Buy/Sell window which would compare Buy and Sell, and give a balance accordingly... concept screenshot included to better describe my idea.. Obviously feel free to change anything etc.. Would be an honor to see an idea of mine included in the game! Thanks again guys - awesome work.. better FPS as of late too! A++
  5. NURabbit

    The official "Is it a cheat?" Thread

    Think as you may.. I think you may be a little blind to it... I also notice it gets really bad around 3pm until about 9-10pm.. the time kids get home from school >.< Just sayin :3
  6. Take a page from the book of PUBG and introduce kill-cams... then you would know undoubtably if you were kiled by a hacker or not Just a REALLY GOOD idea (Don't forget to pay my royalties should you put it in game :D) NURabbit
  7. Okay things IMO have gotten a bit retarded recently.. I for the most part won't even log in during the day due to the amount of rampant cheating.. A few things I have observed since last patch that I think are 100% definately cheats 1 - Instant killer : You are walking around.. and suddenly drop dead, no gunshots, nothing... POSSABLE de-synced scav... but when it shows you without a killer's name?... hmmmm 2 - Disconnects - 100% Sure about this one, as why does one game from the same group of servers decide to instantly D'C me the moment I connect, repeatedly, until I am dead and my loot is gone? 3 - Loot hackers - Just recently discovered this tonight on Customs, when I went to the 2 story dorm, and behind 2 locked doors, discovered COMPLETELY EMPTY safes.. 2nd floor filing cabinets were obviously touched too... Impossible that anyone else arrived there before me as I sprinted from East spawns, and joined on the very start of the game >.< If anyone else has any examples, please post them in this thread... maybe it will give devs some insight into how to stop them.. Guys.. you made a wicked game... Unfortionately picked the WORST engine you could have for exploits and cheating >.< Please bring some sort of heavy duty anti-cheat in... I dont care if I have to run a seperate program, or loose a few FPS, Just get rid of these god damned script kiddies for the love of Tarkov !!!! Yours Truely Divoted Bear (Rawr) ; NURabbit
  8. NURabbit

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    Do you mean "NURabbit" ;P On US servers? if so prob me... for some reason (probably the forza horizon 3 installer that was up for like 5 hours) it decided to make it so when I aimed to the right, it put the mouse off the game onto my other monitor (the installer was running there) All I heard was you shoot me and a thud... I closed the game through Taskman >.< At least it helped somehow How much was the pile worth anyways?
  9. NURabbit

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the guy who instinctually picks up rolls of duct tape... leaving me overjoyed to stand in the open and find 3 in his Tri-Zip... An electrition or soldier, Soon you must make the decision, Looting Duct-tape instead of guns To fix your broken television I laughed when I saw you Affixed on that fine adhesive Good luck fixing your own wiring thanks to my M4 you are no longer cohesive. I run back to the extract Pitying the scav whom I just aced.. I realise my teeth are... slightly less than fresh thank god I got* thirteen tubes of toothpaste! *bows*
  10. You know.. that was my first impression when I used them, but for some reason I have great success with them.. I like the different reticle designs, and IMO until they change it, holographic sights have WAY too bright a reticle for night raids I would infact be using the Dovetail OKP but as I have submitted.. for some reason it will not mount to the AKS-74UN as I chronicle here in a detailed bug-submission video.. - NURabbit Oh and just take screenshots of different sections of the stash, open MSPaint, set background to black and paste in a puzzle! (its like a game IN a game O.O.. For a game... ... OF A GAME ) .. F**k... I'm scared now...
  11. Anyone else a little OCD like me with storage? Let's See what you got! No cleaning up, just screenshot and upload! (bonus points for people with pixel art cell patterns) Here's Mine! -NURabbit-
  12. I came across this earlier today and just thought it would look badass given the progressive leaning system Details here vortex scope bubble level you would never have to question if you were perfectly upright again! (Very handy to chronic alcoholics :D) -NURabbit-
  13. NURabbit

    The Mystery Behind the Unknown Key!

    As Seen here And Somewhat Satirically Similar to
  14. Oh wow.. so it finally dawned on me after looking at it for a while.. It's not a door key.. it's the key off a tin of canned meat >.< Notice no teeth etc.. Good one Tarkov, Good one