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  1. The most important question is who in BSG team or streamer always take the same bad decisions ....
  2. Ang3vil

    Bans for using forbidden software

    Did you remember when you were defending youself when I said you're a fanboy ? You think, you guess ... I prove all what I'm saying. XXXXXXXX cheat status is visible for all internet users, you don't need to log or buy their cheat for that. And for the one we're not allowed to say his name : And yes some people are enough stupid to play even if their cheat say "detected", BSG also ban players for some software that we don't have the list ... Muahahahahah that's exactly what BSG is doing in their own forum. All links to cheat evidences are censored, topics are closed ... So yes even hackers are more professionnal with their customers than BSG. But you can't see it, right ?
  3. Ang3vil

    Bans for using forbidden software

    Of course yes, if hackers doesn't give this information about their cheat they will loose their customers. Cheats are sold on a subscription basis, it's in the interest of hackers that their clients don't get caught. Cheaters also warn other cheaters when they caught on cheat forum. Just after the previous update, XXXXXXXXX have put their cheat status on "Updating". So I don't "believe" something like you, I'm sure of that. Region lock needed ...
  4. Ang3vil

    Bans for using forbidden software

    174 cheaters that's all you catch ? How many cheaters aren't stupid enough for playing just after an update? How many of them will get back with a new updated cheat ? I have the answer : 80% !
  5. Ang3vil

    Why I tell every gamer I meet not to buy Tarkov

    You miss something, the worst sound engine ever : And a lot of other things :
  6. Ang3vil

    Have the cheaters won the game?

    They don't care about that ... Being killed by a cheater is a real pain in the ass. I think it's worst when you cheat and you loose, cheater don't want to loose, they only want to won in the easiest way.
  7. Ang3vil

    End of Tarkov is near

    Thank you for making me laugh so hard, you've made my day. project suicide !
  8. Ang3vil

    Hacker Caught Red Handed

    It's a good system to hide some "reality" ... You can report him to "some" streamers, they can ban cheaters ....
  9. Ang3vil

    Face Hit box

    I don't really think Face hit box was the issue. Before 0.8 I took less headshot without helmet than now with helmet ... It's probably a cheat issue revealed by face hit box and aim punch reduction ...
  10. Ang3vil

    Maps disappear

    same here, I can put the new buyed map in their old location : "critical error 228 - Itemsmoving[move]: can't move item ... So map are always in the same location but invisible
  11. Ang3vil

    Is it fun anymore.....?

    "PvE ... is a term used in ... online role-playing video games, to refer to fighting computer-controlled enemies[1]—in contrast to PvP (player versus player)." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Player_versus_environment "Involving conflict or obstacles controlled by a computer rather than other players." https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/player_versus_environment "Player versus environment (PvE) refers to a video game in which gamers compete against the game’s artificial intelligence (AI), ..." ..." https://www.techopedia.com/definition/27051/player-versus-environment-pve If you can change the definition of words by their opposite meaning, then yes you're always right ...
  12. Ang3vil

    Is it fun anymore.....?

    No I'm not "assuming" : - I'm sure that AI can't be as interresting as human, any editor, even "google" haven't build an AI with a human behaviour, because AI doesn't exist, it's all about script ... it's not an assumption it's the reality and even BSG build a good scripted bot, these will consume too much server ressources (NETCODE), this is probably why there are not bots in Interchange. - I'm sure players who don't know each other won't play together, just read all the post about "Scav killing scavs" as a proof. This is not Team based PVE, but Team based PVP ... I'm not really against PVE, but against unbalanced gameplay, with inhuman bots reaction, skill advantages, static gameplay, ...
  13. Ang3vil

    Is it fun anymore.....?

    Some of your arguments are based on "assumptions". When 0.8 was released, AI behaviour was the same as it was in july 2017 ! Yes now it's better, but I don't think I would play this game if I have to only fight against scavs and this is what you're talking about ("PvE Team based game") ..
  14. Ang3vil

    Is it fun anymore.....?

    And for mission objectives ? You're forced to do these mission, you're forced to go on some map, you're forced to go on dangerous POI ... This is how the game is build, players location is predictable because "old" players know where players have to go. Because best keys, best loot, spawn at the same location, because "old" players run faster and longer than new one so they can take loot and position and wait for free food ... Edit : this is why a lot of players are hatchling, because it's the best option against all this ****
  15. Ang3vil

    Is it fun anymore.....?

    Balance will also be an issue : Is it interresting to fight dumb aimbot AI scavs with a full upgraded M4 with fort armor ? And lot of players like me are playing solo, even streamers. So I don't think a "Team based PVE" is all players wants. One other thing, in a game where you can steal the gear of other players, I don't think you can force players to work together ...