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  1. scav are so overpowered!!!

    Yes, but don't use flashlight ...
  2. scav are so overpowered!!!

    Sorry, it's hard for us to know if you are sarcastic or just stu... Player scav are underpowered. AI scav are pretty good on daytime and on naked players because of their long range aimbot system. But against heavy geared players both of them are just pieces of meat ....
  3. Slow Walk Problem

    I have reported this bug before the last patch ... It's when the option "hold to walk" is checked and when you press the walk key and the "interact key" when you want to loot. When you release the "hold to walk key" during the looting process you stay at "walk" speed. If you press the "hold to walk key" again your char will run again.
  4. This game is so harsh on new player

    Yeah realistic, in which world you have to do this ? How many shot in legs you need to kill a PMC ? 8 shots ? With the recoil did you think all bullets will hit the target ? You give some very bad advice, because this heavy geared players will turn on him and kill him most part of the time. If you don't have AP bullets don't try anything, just avoid the battle ... just few heavy geared PMC are alone, even if you are lucky his friend is going to kill you.
  5. This game is so harsh on new player

    You have totally understand the game design of EFT. It's a gameplay based on the imbalance between players. High level players have access to the best ammo, guns, armors from sellers, they have a lot of bonus skills, they also have keys for extra exits and loot. And new ones, are forced to play naked against the old one. You can't buy AP ammo, You can't buy armor or helmet, you don't have the key for extra exit to increase your survival rate. You've right you are FOOD for high geared player ! And it's the same for scav, they have been nerfed, no more auto rifles, or saiga, now you just have a pistol or a 3 shots shotgun. It's now nearly impossible to take down an heavy geared player as a scav. So they are 2 games in one in EFT. And like you said they are no middle ground. The first frustrating part is how to survive and try to reach level 30. the second one, out of challenge and worst than call of duty, is how to rush the map and kill everythin The only threat come from other high geared PMC, the rest are just pieces of meat ... By feeding their old player base with the new one, EFT will die few month after his official release. When the final wave of the new players will crushed their face on the old one they will leave the game. And when no prey will become available the old player base will follow. Escape from tarkov is not a realistic simulator, it's a RPG FPS. And he's not talking about learning curve but about game restriction ...
  6. Gear to Streamers

    For money ... to show a fake preview of the game to push twitch viewers to pay for the game. Then these new players will cry on forum because the game is far harder for them and not balanced like it was for streamers. And they will be lynched by old players who don't understand this by a answer like "you have to inform you before purchasing ETF". But the most dangerous thing is when the gameplay is affected to be more COD like by add some "terminator" equipment or gameplay : Overpowered Armor and Helmet, Skin hack thermal scope, reduced raid time, Underpowered scavs, Cross road gameplay ... The gameplay have change a lot in this few months. For example scav's gameplay is now a pure frustration. It's seems BSG have decided to create an unbalanced FPS more than a realistic FPS.
  7. Stupid quest

    He is not like us, he don't play EFT for months. He have to fight high skilled and high geared players who know where play to ambush new players. Because of the game progression system. The game is harder for new players than it was for us ...
  8. Stupid quest

    Terminator is immortal ? Im not saying it's impossible to kill someone in fort ...
  9. Stupid quest

    It's not desync, because their armor take damage (in the last video), and just check the topics of OPS CORE HELMET it's clearly the armor ... Ammo type probably, but noobs don't have access to armor penetration bullets from sellers because of the level restriction.
  10. Stupid quest

    Not the M4 but the fort armor and helmet, yes for sure
  11. anyone dying at spawn ?

    It's not only about spawn area, it's also about spawn waves. The waves works like that : 1st wave of PMC & AI scavs, then 10 min later 1st wave of players scavs, and finaly 2nd wave of AI scavs at 20min. Sometime with players on loading time, you just fall on a static player and kill him from behind before he could do anything ... Some players like me are complained about that for months now, but nothing have change, all players and AI should spawn only one time at the same time ...
  12. Unrealistic surround sound.

    47 seconds ? because you already know were to find the information ... Try the search function and you will find the bunch of topics created about this issue. If a dedicated topic was created you will never see new ones. But it's still a good new, finally ...
  13. Hitbox issue or ???

    Muahahah unbeliveable, realistic game ^^ It's just the new iron man helmet !
  14. Unrealistic surround sound.

    Not sure, devs didn't give any information about this ...
  15. new heltmet op?

    Yes, more "rambo/predator" equipment incoming. You can't buy this stuff at your level ? But it's not the funniest thing, you couldn't buy AP ammo either ...