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  1. Suggest Change for Medkit/First Aid application

    BSG said they're adding medical animations in the next few patches along with mag reload animations so you can't drag and drop ammo into mags anymore either. These are my most anticipated features
  2. Weapon Companies Thread

    This gun should be added next!
  3. Chemicals part 4 - will i still get enough rep?

    Where is the tushonka stash therapist mentions? I know dorm 110 spawns sometimes but that key won't spawn so I've been running woods endlessly
  4. How do you even progress in this game?

    the helmet and body armor will stop buckshot so it is realistic but where it loses it's realism is when you don't have concussion or ect when shot while wearing helmets. That buckshot should have dazed and confused the lights out of that guy but they haven't completed the medical system yet so be patient (I've been waiting a year for the med/mag animations but they're still a few updates away) and remember that a lot of theses issues will be fixed or implemented by official launch so look on the upside. WARNING: this game will always be very difficult without a group so joining friends or a clan would help a lot.
  5. Game is running in slow motion

    You are the one, Neo. (I have no idea how to fix it but that actually sounds like it would be fun for a few minutes, best of luck)
  6. Soon - Escape from Tarkov forum text RPG!

    will this be a physical(merchandise) table-top RPG or will this be a website/forum accessible game? If it's the latter, will it be free?

    Yes, women and children escaped Earth's global collapse and now reside safely on Mars
  8. Why is this game so hard to get a head in?

    Join TAW if you are interested. Apply through their website and everyone is accepted unless you troll, grief, or cheat. It seems a little overwhelming at the look of it but its cool and laid back when you get in. (bootcamp is just an interview and isn't an evaluation of your skill) and if you want something more laid back on discord, RISE and many other clans are very helpful and trustworthy. Just search forums on the clan section and you should find at least one clan to suit you. Good luck out there newcomers!
  9. why play when you can troll people on the forums who troll other people who are complaining on the forums? (JK, I love your post and I would've upvoted but BSG thinks I should only have a limited number of reactions a day)
  10. New Gamemode V.I.P Mode or call it however you want

    the devs have already announced a mode similar to this named "arena" and it will be available after launch (with a possibility to release during open beta) so be ready for a whole new experience in tarkov throughout 2018
  11. Scav on Scav Violence

    the Q&A said karma is only planned for PMC players so far so scavs need to have some other type of team kill penalty unless they plan to add scavs into the karma system
  12. Skier level 3

    I saw another post like this, he said his trader didn't level up until the hourly trader reset. I hope it works for you too, good luck
  13. Kill 25 Bears in 3hrs too difficult.

    Its nearly impossible to SEE 25 bears in a couple hours let alone kill them all. This quest is breaking the game for USEC players. PLEASE FIX THIS
  14. Upgrade edition

    The new years present is still active so you may be able to re-receive the gift after buying the new edition and doing the profile reset but I'm not certain of it. You can buy each edition in steps and the total amount for the next package will be discounted by the amount you've already spent on the previous packages.
  15. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    And he thanks you!