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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Move After resting in the building they searched the group prepared to leave "If this was a videogame, specially a RPG, i could take a perk point to get two handed combat and slash baddies" Dunteon teased his friends while holding his knife and the one he found, one in each hand. "That way i would hit enemies without penalty two times per round" he added Jack exhaled, facepalming slowly, maybe wondering what had gone into his friend. Jules on the other hand was checking his weapon, sliding the receiver, pulling the mag and inserting it gently and looking downsight, Dunteon could be many things but at least he was skillfull when it came to cleaning weapons, maybe somehow the inner workings were not more complex than those found on his lab thingies... The group pushed onward satisfied with their findings, the shadow of their failed mission somehow dissolving into the south. Although they were not walking through the same way they used before they did use some of the interseccions that Max had showed them, helping them to avoid completely blocked off paths //Sorry for not specifying were we actually searched last turn, i portrayed the setting but i felt i was leaving room for adding either loot or an encounter depending on dice rolls
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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Search With Max returning to extract the group pushes to a office/apartment building which looked like it was the center of an intense firefight; two black SUVs flanking a green MRAP stand before the building's lobby, the three vehicles show serious amount of firepower on them, the SUVs are completely destroyed, most likely thanks to what it looks like a belt fed MG on the MRAP's roof, which stands with two small bullets on its side (over the trigger) "A pity, i would have dragged this back to use it next time we get in a tight spot" Dunteon said while pulling one of the bullets from the broken MG. The SUVs had its backseats with several stains of blood, spent cartridges and empty mags, no bodies. One of the MRAP sides clearly was used as fire position as the floor was littered with 5.45x39 spent cartridges and AK black colored magazines. No blood on the MRAP side thought. The trail of AK caliber rounds lead to the building
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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Move DESCRIPTION: The mayor's office proved to be empty, mostly yellowed papers crowded the office floor but everything was on Russian so it was incomprehensible for Dunteon. As Dunteon had thought the Mayor DID have a small "bar" of sorts, a silver plate with glasses but the bottles were empty, not broken, as someone deliberately had a party here, two of the glasses had residues on their bottoms. A basket with rotten fruit (not more than a black husk remained) decorated a small wooden table and the mayor's desk had deep markings on its fine wood, the roof above had cracks, rain water got through the roof here. After reuniting with his friends they all settled to move out before nightfall. The street was as calm as the building itself, no traces of other people were to be seem or heard, only the gentle breathing of the city could be heard, the wind blew against the broken windows, the alveoli of this huge organism which Dunteon was part. The question was: Was he a white cell ready to fight? or a bacteria left to die it a husk running out of nutrients?
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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Explore DESCRIPTION: "We are about an hour or two from our target tovarishchi" Max exclaimed while the group was setting up to leave camp, Max this time had the last watch and was already ready to leave the runned down store the party used to spend the night, the rest of the group was storing their stuff and readying some breakfast over the small fire they had started last night so the watchman could warm up their hands while covering those who were sleeping. Around midday the group is just a few blocks away from the target location, Max suddenly stops the formation and ushes the group to a side alley and starts scanning the street with his scoped weapon, after some tense seconds he turns around and moves to a back door, opening it at signaling us to move with him inside "What's going on?" Jules asked "Hear something. Don't like it" Max added calmly." We are better here. I think we can go up to find spot" We three follow again Max lead upstairs. There is not much space going up. All apartments got their doors broken and there is ragtag clothes here and there and even broken furniture in the corridors. "Try not to make any noise. What a mess" Jules said The small squad pushed upwards thorugh the building covering each other as they checked any opened door that lead to the staircase they where using How many steps does this dammed building have! After some minutes we reach a door that was not like the ones before, the others were located at landings while this one was in front of a couple of steps. Max rushed the old metal door pushed beyond our sight, daylight blinded us, Jules followed "Max?!" Jules whispered . "There!" I said Max was standing by the edge of the roof holding his rifle by his side and as he tossed the beanie that covered his shaved head he just exclaimed "Cyka Blyat" looking down to the city hall.
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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Move DESCRIPTION: The surroundings of city hall were akwardly quiet, unlike the pier area they visited a few days ago which were almost like the setting of a Mad Max movie. The second day of marching was ahead of the team. Dunteon had the last part of the morning to sleep, he did so until someone shook his shoulder for him to wake up, his bravery to push sleep time to the last second cost him the opportunity to eat a hot meal, nevertheless the MRE was good enough. This M R E stuff is oddly good, i wonder how they do prepare this things to taste decently, be full of nutrients and last for years. Damm, i could propose the higher ups to invest in the food industry once i get back home. Using a small tin cup Dunteon sipped the coffee that came with his ratio, it was lacking a bit of sugar for his taste but MREs didnt have that much sugar on them. Around the midday something caught Dunteon's attention Whats that? Could it be? Dunteon walked away from the formation to reach something from the ground, a small red cylinder. - I would kill to drink some more of that - What are you up to?- someone called from behind -I think i found something- Dunteon replied without turning around- Ooh come on!!- Dunteon claimed out loud while raising a small TarCola can. The can was almost like it would have been taken from a shelve recently but after raising it was revealed it was already opened. -All this fuzz for this? -Yes! I tried this stuff back in the hotel i was staying, damm its good -Da tovarish, you see, if made by locals it always tastes better The group pushed deeper into the city, yet again having Max as a guide was paying off, not in a single ocasion they walked into a closed street (which were rather common) or blocked by debris. The guy knew the streets of Tarkov like if they were the palm of his hand. Was he from around here before the conflict? Dunteon decided to ask him about it
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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Move DESCRIPTION: After going through the last details we set to reach our destination. Our allies did help us picking a safe route, well, safe in Tarkov standards; Max seemed like a seasoned scout, although he was rather well built his footsteps where almost impossible to hear, even when moving next to him, sometimes the ground beneath him whispered even lower than the light passing wind that was blowing. The rest of the morning was like a walk through the park, the beaten path through the woods was calm and beyond the birds there was no other creature or human to be seen. Having Max turned to be a sound decision, the new member was odd but he managed to get a laugh out of us with ease, most likely of how he mixed english and russian without caring, sometimes he began cursuing something in his mother tongue to end up in something that (most likely) sound like english. His mood also helped us, he walked without woring too much and only stopped for some seconds to scan the horizon before moving onwards, he was not worried of the way ahead and that definetely was a good omen for out trip. We stopped after midday for a snack in a small clearing, this spot was clearly man made; some tree tunks were positioned in a semicrcular fashion around a wide tree stump. We have a small snack and some water before walking for the rest of the day with the gentle wind blowing our faces as we approached our personal corner of hell on earth.
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    Busco un compañero

    Tenes el discord de habla hispana, te va a rendir más que agregar a una sola persona https://discord.gg/PPZ59R
  8. And how does reapiring work numbers wise? cleaning works on a 1:1 basis, 1 point of cleaning removes 1 point from the cleaning set condition but with repairing how does that stack? the repairing kit costs 135 Rubles but a decent weapon costs as much or a little bit more, if its also 1:1 then its by far cheaper buying a new gun than fixing a used one
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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Moving to location. DESCRIPTION: "Damm Jules! Dont let the breakfast get burned!" Staying in that small house proved to be adequate for a change, this time no rodents visited us. A shame, at first Dunteon thought that was a bad omen but eventually fell sleep, walking all day was tiring after all. Getting ready to leave camp was becoming increasingly efficient with each passing day, the first times on the field with Jack Dunten wasted over 15 minutes picking up his things and preparing his backpack, now in less than five minutes he was already prepared to hit the road. The air continued getting less dense, the atmosphere was rather calm, as if time had almost stopped in this corner of the world. Although this was true for most Tarkov, here the cars, bag and other belongings seemed to tell a story apart from just being there apart from just laying around forgotten. That bag over there had some now yellowed baby diapers, but that backpack on the opposite side had a slim personal computer poking out. Each told a chronicle of its former owner. How many of those stories ended in tragedy? Did any of them had a happy ending? Gunshots on the distance See you in hell b@stards
  10. Weapons that are repair rank 2 can only be repaired by engineers rank 2(at least lvl 4 pc) right?
  11. Dunteon

    Forum RPG - Create A Character Contest

    I started the forum RPG experience teaming up with @FatherFenrir, afterwards we both joined @NoisyCosmos and @Oranje(who had to leave us to be a GM). This group of three (we miss you Oranje!) is the "United Survivors". We play as a group and try to follow the rules as best as posible, avoiding YOLOing out of context or being Mary Sues Beneath is a rather good PC description, most current info on the character is hidden (secret documents stuff) for roleplaying's sake (you can have a wide variaty of guns, armor, etc) See ya in Tarkov
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    GROUP: United Survivors ACTION: Move DESCRIPTION: At least it will serve us... Hospitals had something that always intrigued Dunteon, althought each one was different at the same time they had all shared something, like a breathing of sorts, you knew you were inside a hospital even at night when the corridors were empty. Hospitals were places both of great joy and great suffering, you could have a newborn in one room and a beloved husband or wife dying a few meters away. Either way it was one of the few places were humans really bonded, from the humble but pure bond between mother and baby to the complex teamwork required to save someone from a fatal accident. The clinic wasnt the place to spend the night, a small Cafe across the street proved to be more comfortable, the employees room was enough for the night. Early in the morning the group moves forward, now feeling better, setting to meet up with a acquaintance of them. The atmosphere turned to be less oppresive, the gunshots in the distance dissapeared and the dense shopping buildings dispersed into smaller and more sparse houses, the packed sidewalks became wider and some trees stood defiantly in them now, without municipal influence their branches reached out farther.
  13. Dunteon

    Bugs of the text RPG

    The description of 12x70 solid shot (slugs) and buckshot are mixed, slug rounds are described as "case shot" while buckshot has a "killing bullet" and "extended to 100m" description
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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Searching. DESCRIPTION: At least that bonfire place was far away, Dunteon had never been fired upon before, even less actually being hit with a gun, body armor was not as described on fiction, it didnt protect you from sh#t. Even the fragments that were stopped by his armor left numerous awful bruises. Night was uneventful, uneventful for Tarkov standards; shooting in the distance and small rodents stalked the survivors. Even with one of his comrades on watch resting was difficult for Dunteon, it seemed like a long ago when he was just staying at that local hotel, waking up to find breakfast already served for him, hot water for a tea(actually being able to choose what flavor/type), bread, jam, butter and other things that now seemed like delicacies rather than actual basic food. Morning arrived, Jules had the last watch so at least for Dunteon he was able to wake up and warm up his food rations a little bit. Time to move then. Through the day the group walked cautiously, using side streets and back alleys as much as possible. Although they were ready for almost anything they were stiil licking some of their wounds. This part of Tarkov looked rather decent, well, decent when it was actually inhabited and not a lawless patch of land. Some of its charm was still there, broad sidewalks, multiple small shops, some overturned food carts and bits of paper here and there that looked like tourism brochoures. Little was of interest here, most shops seemed to sell souvenirs and clothing, some icecream shops here and there and cafes and bars, every one of them totally trashed; merchandise completely thrown over the ground, front windows shattered and dust all over the furniture. Around midday a pharmacy caught their attention but much like its neighboring building it was completely looted, nothing of value was to be found, at most some moisturizing products for the skin and small band aids for kids. After a short stop on a small plaza that still had some swinging sets that stood defiantly on the sandboxes the group pushed onwards, moving southwards. A couple hours later the group found a small clinic, probably to take care of basic accidents in the area and for tourists and locals to get regular medical checks. The front door was a no go, it was locked and it was rather heavy, Jules tried its best to open it but there was no way. Dunteon rushed through his backpack, he had some tools he could use to either force or disarm the frontlock but both Jack and Jules were turning the corner of the building. "I think i can get this open, guys?"Dunteon rushed to his friends At the side of the building a fire ladder protuded from the structure, Jack and Jules were quick and moved boxes and a trash container to reach the metal ladder while Dunteon was covering the way they came through. Once inside the building Jules sticked to the top floor, Dunteon and Jack used a small staircase to the first floor. After exiting the stairs they found themselves in a hallway flanked by a dozen rooms, each one marked with a number. This doors were unlocked but only revealed basic consoulting rooms, a stretcher, a chair and a desk with a filling cabinet behind (which some were wide open) that contained regular disposable material for medical inspections or procedures, some rooms varied and had O2 tanks, ECG equipment or Ultrasound devices. After some doors a wide arc to a side revealed a reception area, Jack moved onwards without stopping. Dunteon checked the recepcionists desks for any bit of info and voila! a small layout of the building was in one of the drawers, a little bit dirty but it was plasticized so a wipe with the jacket's sleeve left it like almost brand new. According to the scheme the pharmacy is next to the suppliers access, before the morgue and across the service and kitchens depot. After finding the basement's access Dunt walks down the stairs, to be greeted by Jack that was standing inside the morgue, a morgue that was unusually full for a clinic like this.
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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Encounter/Move to destination. DESCRIPTION: I guess i'm not a killer yet, i rely on others to do the killing, i'm not even strong enough to fight for myself. Maybe next time i wont hesitate before pulling the trigger, i do want to go home with you my love, Tarkov wont be MY tomb After what at first seemed like a close call the group pushes onward, better prepared to what lays ahead. Learning from mistakes can be tough but its a must for survival.