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  1. Wulffsonn

    Launcher won't make update

    @Turboccxr I had an issue earlier where I wasn't able to patch my game. Eventually I stumbled on the fix. When you launch the launcher just wait... don't click on anything. If nothing happens for 30 seconds click on the update button and close out the launcher through task manager. Make sure the "bsglauncher.exe" in your details tab is also closed. Then launch the launcher again and wait. If nothing happens then idk.
  2. Wulffsonn

    DONT Reduce the loot

    I agree I've seen a slight decrease in loot but not in a bad way. Because sometimes in a crate I would either get 1 or 2 items and in other crates I'll get loads of items. I think they went from having a medium amount of items every time to a more dynamic loot system where it's more random in the amount you find. I could loot the same room in the resort 10 times over and get a completely different set/amount of loot each time. I could open a shotgun locker and find 3 shotguns while other times i find none. It's all a matter of luck.
  3. Wulffsonn

    red guns

    (Wrong forum btw) It means it's not functional. Say it's missing ammo, a pistol grip, a handguard, a magazine, etc. It's missing essential parts basically.
  4. Wulffsonn

    Kalashnikov Mega Thread

    I agree, but I would like to see some of the newer features that the current Kalsh's offer. Like the minimalist railed front handguard, or an updated dust cover. Just overall I want to see more of the 2000's AK's and ofc I want my AK 107/109
  5. Wulffsonn

    Kalashnikov Mega Thread

    For some reason I can't post a thread in the Weapon section so if a mod could move it that would be great. Welcome to my mega thread for all things Kalashnikov. In this thread I will be highlighting all of the many wonders of the Kalashnikov Concern and their products. As well as a few aftermarket parts/ammunition. Kalashnikov Concern has made a variety of new weapons for the modern market in the recent years and it would be great to see them in game. Especially because this game takes place in 2028 and ofc in Russia. To start out I'd like to say that I know most of these weapons are planned and I can't wait for them. I will be categorizing everything starting with the Rifles. Rifles TG2: The TG2 is basically a modern Civilian AK chambered in .366 TKM. Think of the Vepr but better looking. Also note the Rail on the handguard and the folding stock (common theme for all new Kalashnikov products. Saiga MK: The Saiga MK is the standard Civilian AK. It's chambered in your choice of 5.45, 7.62, or .223. Saiga .308: There are 2 versions of this rifle (obviously both are .308) The 46 and the 61. The 46 is a short more compact version of the 61. The magazine size is only 8 but it should pack a punch with the .308 Winchester round. SVD/SVDM/SVDS/Tigr: The SVD is currently the next DMR to come to EFT and I'm really looking forward to it. I hope there are some options to get either wood or polymer stocks and I hope to see some interesting scopes to come along with it. All of them are fitted with either 5 or 10 round magazines. The SVDM has a rail on the dust cover, has a bipod, and a folding stock. While the SVDS is equiped with a folding stock. (In order below: SVD|SVDM|SVDS|Tigr 05|Tigr 01| Tigr v2) AK 100 Series: For the final group of AK's I present to you my favorite AK series. The AK 100 series. The game is riddled with information and descriptions featuring them so I'm certain they will show up in-game soon. They are split up into 2 different categories: Kalashnikov and Alexandrov. Starting with Kalashnikov we have the AK 101 and AK 102: The AK 101 and AK 102 are both chambered in 5.56. The AK 101 is a full length rifle while the AK 102 is a carbine. The AK 103 and 104 are chambered in 7.62. Same as before the AK 103 is a full rifle and the AK 104 is a carbine. Finally the AK 105 is chambered in 5.45 and is only offered as a carbine. Last but not least we have the Alexandrov AK 100's. My favorite out of the whole AK lineup. The 3 AK's all consist of one common thing: The gas system. They use a gas system called "Balanced Recoil" and through magic makes the gun have virtually no recoil. The AK 107 is chambered in 5.45, the AK 108 is chambered in 5.56 and the AK 109 is chambered in 7.62. The gas system is quite expensive but KC are still trying to keep it alive with the new AK 200/400's. (In order: AK 101|AK 102|AK 103|AK 104|AK 105|AK 107|AK 109) Saiga Shotguns "Oh, but Wulffson, The Saiga 12 is already in the game you dummy) I know. There are many versions of the Saiga 12 that I would like to showcase them. Currently in game we have the luxury of using the Saiga 12K Ver 10. Which in itself is a good gun. But here are some variants and cool features that would be a fine addition (Seeing as we already have 14 different barrel options for the other shotguns :L Saiga 12K (030): This is the pinnacle of the modern Saiga 12. It features a rail on the dust cover and a rail below the front sight. The stock has a built in cushion. and the front handguard closely resembles that of the AK74m. It also features a special flash hider/muzzle and a special magazine that holds 8 rounds and it more closely resemble the AK. Saiga 12K (033): Basically the same gun as the previous but with a shorter barrel. Saiga 12S ver10: Want a longer barrel for your Saiga 12? Look no further. This Saiga is literally the Saiga 12K ver10 but with a longer barrel. Enjoy Saiga 12C Exp-01 aka Saiga 12KB: The Saiga 12KB is the experimental Saiga 12K ver10 with an 8 round magazine and idk probably better internals or something. It also features a gas regulator that you can adjust depending on what round you are using. Apparently it has a shock absorbing buttstock and comes standard with side rails on the front handguard. Basically the Saiga's cooler brother. 18.5 KS-K: This shotgun is similar to the Saiga (030) in overall design. Features either a 2, 5, or 8 round magazine. Has a rail on the bottom of the Handguard. Overall this is the Daddy of the Kalashnikov Shotguns. (and it's not a saiga) Saiga .410: Wrapping up the shotguns are the Saiga .410 ver2 and Saiga .410 (04). They both feature a folding skeleton stock and overall are shaped like a traditional AK. The Ver2 has a longer barrel, a rail under the handguard, and sports a different muzzle. Both shotguns have options for either a 4 or 10 round magazine. Ammunition Wrapping up the topic are some ammunition ideas. .366 TKM: Currently in game we have 2 .366 TKM ammo types: The FMJ, EKO and Gekska. One of my favorite .366 rounds has to be the Birdshot round. Now I can't read russian but I'm guessing the box says something along the lines of (This round will duck someone up). Also below are some other .366 variants. And that concludes my 1 hour long post. I hope you all enjoyed. I am open to suggestions and will update the thread to feature some of your replies if they seem reasonable.