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  1. jakekao402

    There are no Hackers.

    At this point, there are no procedure or system to report hackers. It is also hard to tell if someone is hacking or not. Hence, technically there are no hackers?! I got an interesting record that I got today when playing on Woods. I just going to post the video here and let you guys decide. Before watching the video, I want to describe the situation for a bit so you guys have a better understanding. I was pursing a player I saw, and I killed him with a headshot. I didn't notice there was a player on the sniper rock until he fell down. There was no gunshots. I thought he was killed way before I went there but it took awhile before the body slipped off the rock. However, if you watch the video, he actually died right before he fell down. I went ahead and have a quick look of his gear. He had fort armor and Ops-Core helmet like me. A second later, I'm killed without hearing anyone shooting at me, like how that player died. Least damaged part, Head. It was a chest shot. I was wearing fort armor. Disclaimer for Dev I am not accusing <who killed me of being> a hacker. This is just a post for everyone to discuss.
  2. I don't think you understand what he said here. The new system is fine, just revert the capacity of each med back to the old version is the only thing he wants.
  3. Agree. I feel like they should just make it couldn't spam. Not nerfing the capacity like almost half of it. Now it also use capacity when bandaging, or treating fractions, thats fine. However, the capacity is way too low to support that...
  4. jakekao402

    How commen is the factory key now? (poll)

    I found mine on a dead scav's T-bag on custom.
  5. jakekao402

    Indroduce Yourself ! 來自我介紹吧!

    Hello I'm WolFosky 大家好,可以叫我狼 來自台灣,目前住在美國東岸 我是一名休閒型FPS玩家,目前對這個遊戲非常的上癮 有邀一些朋友一起玩,人數大概是7人,如果有其他團隊有興趣的話偶爾也可以混搭一起玩一下