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  1. Are they not on my team?

    I agree, this is not priority number one. Tho one day id like to see it fixed, there are many many things in front of it. Ps. Ctucker i refuse, i would much rather die than betray my teamies!
  2. Are they not on my team?

    So, i have been playing this game for a short while now and i am loving it. but i have a couple major problems with the logic behind giving the player (on death mind you) roughly 1500 experience for killing someone suposedly on your own team, i have in fact noticed that (atleast when i can see them) 75% of the times i die it is due to a suposed teammate killing me, after what i have gathered from the games general story arc and directive this is not suposed to be the chase, you are a member of a privately funded militia (Usec, Bear) and shurely if it was found that you in fact killed someone in your own group realisticly you, your family and your great great ancectors would have been diowned and striped of any rank whatsoever, and to add probably hunted for sport because lets face it everyone hates traitors. So my question is this, Why do you reward a player for doing this? (sorry for the hoard of spelling errors this wall of text likely has)