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  1. Чёт ору, просто ору. Прямо типичное описаные игры типичного стримера из секции форума.
  2. Loudstorm

    Reduce Far Plantation Animation

    Let me help you
  3. Loudstorm

    How Many Acccounts Do You Have?

    Stupidity of having more than 1 account is overwhelming.
  4. Нет. Хочу на нашем сервере играть.
  5. 5+5+5+5+5+5=30 минут. Сколько ещё попыток делать?
  6. Хочу поиграть за челобота, найдите мне игру, пол часа жду.
  7. Ну так отечественные сервера из говна и палок, ЕКБ - 80 мс, все ЧВК дёргаются, телепортируются, лутаются контейнеры с задержкой. На гермашке или во франции при пинге 150 мс всё плавно, даже игра меньше лагает.
  8. Loudstorm

    Caught a hacker in a video

    "We are not taking player reports at this moment."
  9. Loudstorm


    It always lags if its raining or not.
  10. Наконец-то соизволили на русском языке сделать.
  11. I've meet only one cheater in 0.3.2 - 0.7.9 period. Now it's getting worse, there was at least three of them in past two days.
  12. Loudstorm

    Hotfix 0.8.3 Desync fix

    Next time do or so. And change avatar pic of course.
  13. As first, everyone here was able to get elite strength. Ratio is same for everyone in certain period of time. I have fair advantage, because I did put an effort into my strenght training. If someone bought game today, it's only problem of this person. What stops you from asking for reset after game release, if you bought game later than 1.0 did hit? For example - release is 2018 december, you bought it at 2019 april, everyone around is level 100 and running with elite strength in fort armor, while you will wear PACA and have 0 strength, would you ask for reset? No? Why? It will be same as it is now. Just think about it first. It's their decision to jump in place for 5 hours, and it's your decision to not do same thing. Therefore this is only your personal problem. As fact, it's your fault. Why don't you blame others for wearing fort armor because they play more than you? If you don't have enough time to play games, then maybe do something else? Any MMO game with RPG elements requires you to spend time to have advantage over other players. "Abuse bug" doesn't apply here, because it's how strength works pre-nerf. How to get strength: 1. Be overweight 2. Do certain action (jump in our case) 3. Get your strength That's poor balancing, not bug, it's working as it was working from alpha, just different numbers. Unfair advantage and bug abuse it is when you are sitting inside wall and can shoot through it (dorms), or when you can enter room without key (gas station safe). When you train strenght complying with all requirements that's gameplay feature, not bug. And doesn't matter how bad it's balanced. P.s. Really so angry because someone have longer strength than you? Don't play MMO and RPG games then, ever.