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  1. Пока есть боты и игра за диких, это невозможно. Тебе сейчас опять скажут, что это вмешательство в личную жизнь/еще что нибудь.
  2. Money Case

    Actually it does take money from wallets/cases/docs for repair and/or insurance, usual partially. It also takes money from these containers if they are in your alpha/beta/gamma.
  3. Game loads in as I am getting blown up...

    That's the problem.
  4. Another axe looting guide - factory

    Pls more hatchers in factory, ez loots for me.

    Yea, I saw that. Pretty close to current scav replicas.

    Please girl scavs, would like to hear their speech.
  7. Самое время опять вставлять видео от Hickok45, ему кстати уже 68 лет. ЧВКшники хуже стреляют? Почти успел. Ну ничего, два видео лучше чем одно.
  8. Ban for forbidden software using 

    What about AHK?
  9. Peekers Advantage ?

    Seems like there is no peekers advantage, but peekers desync. Second guy got shitton of time to react.
  10. Whats wrong with this game?

    Nah, it's more like devs trying to build skyscraper with lots of floors but don't have stable foundation yet.
  11. Give EOD players priority queuing.

    You made my day.
  12. Delete the Time Limit in Tasks

    Hahaha... Three PMC kills still a lot for 8 player map. I did over 650 rainds in this patch, and about 85%+ of raids at customs. 9 out of 10 raids it's 1-2 hatchet runners, which dying to bots or escape map before you can spot and kill them, 1-2 guys leave spawn area after 3-5 mins and going into construction or dorms, rest sitting at spawn until timer become red or so. How this lottery making your skill affect results? Will you wait at dorms for 40 mins waiting for PMCs who is camping at spawn and probably won't even go into dorms? What if you spawn at bad spawnpoint, and other PMC's will extract before you can catch them? And many other situations like 1vs3 PvP or players who didn't load because of bad pc, or you spawned late? It's nothing about skill at all. Timer is not about skill, we aren't playing racing game. This is tactical shooter where thoughtless actions lead to death, I'm not saying fast gameplay isn't viable, but military things about strategy.
  13. Delete the Time Limit in Tasks

    Testing is not simple: "finding bugs". Sadly you don't understand it.
  14. Delete the Time Limit in Tasks

    But it's wrong statement. :\