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    Is there any ETA on a fix for this so i can be able to play customs again when ever i want? When i usually play its like 15+ mins for customs and factory so i just end up playing shoreline and im not that big of a fan of the map.
  2. I think its bugged cause i didnt even lose the rep i was suppose to lose for not turning it into them. And its a good feature cause it makes you choose which trader you want to have high rep 1st/highest rep with. There's gonna be other task's in the future that do the same thing once they add more/game is finished.

    Peacekeeper 1st Task bugged possible?

    Yeah i fount the boat as well its like half stuck in rocks no way to place items

    Peacekeeper 1st Task bugged possible?

    You get the quest from skier when your done with his quest Friend from the west PT1 which then you have to pay him 5k$ and he lets you work for peacekeeper

    Peacekeeper 1st Task bugged possible?

    you get it after you do the Friend from the west task from him.
  6. Im trying to do peacekeepers 1st task think its called Fishing wares and its telling me to go to a breakwater and put some stuff in a boat. Atleast thats what i got from it, So im running up and down shoreline going to everyboat even if it isnt on a breakwater which the only breakwater is on the way to were the old extract would be and nothing no place option nothing i even tried the big boat bridge to scav island and nothing. Is this task bugged is it actually possible to do it or i am i just missing something?