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  1. TarkovCitizen10318

    Warning to all players

    maybe it's time the punisher was punished. come at me bro lol
  2. TarkovCitizen10318

    Black Friday Sale is BACK!

    that moment when u figure out what u could have saved with 25% off EOD. Then u remember u paid that to support the game and the rage disappears lol
  3. TarkovCitizen10318

    Friends in different regions?

    I have had zero issues playing with American friends. I'm from UK. I just found them in the lobby and made a party as I would anyone else.
  4. TarkovCitizen10318

    Factory key lost cause bsg?

    Factory key seems alot more common this patch. My squad have found 5 so far
  5. TarkovCitizen10318

    hamr scope red dot sight

    left control + right click