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  1. aXept


    Haha, vært på forumet i 4-5 mnd og først nå sett at det er andre nordmenn her.. Jaja, flott det.
  2. aXept

    Squads, Squads, Squads...

    Well, I dont often bump into squads. More often duos but most solo. Too bad 75% of the solo players are hatchlings..... And I agree with your opinion. In my opinion there is no need for solo queue, I play solo what so ever, but I understand his point. Thats what I tried to say. Many just tried to turn his opinion into something else. Sort of. Difficult to explain since english is not my main language
  3. aXept

    Squads, Squads, Squads...

    I will also play against squads as solo, no doubt. More exciting and kick. But I understand his opinion about a queue. Don't seems like all understand that and just shout out some poo to him. And as I've said in a other thread, nothing beat the feeling after killing a squad as a solo player..
  4. aXept

    Squads, Squads, Squads...

    Funny to read all this. It is. Yes, the devs have said the game is a squad based game. But what do that have to do with OP question/suggestion? I fully understand his opinion, but I would probably take the risk to meet a squad instead. But to have the opportunity to choose would be nice. Im a solo player, never played duo/squad and will probably be a long time until that happens, because I don't have friends playing this game and don't like to play with strangers. And I think there is MORE solo players playing this game then squads. Much more. And IF they for some reason don't care about that they will loose a lot of players. And a game without players is dead. Even if the devs wants it to be like that, they can't afford it. They can't afford to loose a lot of players. And someone mention that solo players should play in offline mode? Are you serious? Come on...
  5. Great map! You have missed the medical bag behind the old gas station and the possible weapon spawn there (mags or other accessories and weapon)
  6. aXept

    AKM vs AK74n

    According to ammo I will say that AKM is better. 7.62x39 BP is "better" and will do the same job if not more But I like the 74n because of the 60-mags Use them both, thou, AKMS too.
  7. aXept

    Quest Mega Thread

    Where's the ambulances at Shoreline, 2 at the tunnel, last one? The map is so bad for me, can't walk/run around looking for it..
  8. aXept

    Places I've gotten stuck

    Can get stuck in the showers at Factory, back in a car at Woods.. In the dorms at custom, where a bathroom is halfway open your caracter will just slide to the end of the room and cant move if you try to get in and get unlucky. But a alt-f4 and reconnect use to help for the problem..
  9. The problem for me WITH this keybinding is, if I stand still holding shift to hold breath (Not moving and hold breath) and release the button (shift) to start walking, my character start sprinting, EVEN if I dont hold the button anymore. This would not happen IF hold breath while aiming and sprint didnt have the same key...
  10. aXept

    Firing Bug or realism?

    I have had this kind of issue. Sometimes the auto fire won't work, only tap-tap-tap. It won't fire a bullet when holding lmb. It has got me killed a couple of times. I dunno if its the same issue, but frustrating when in a fight.
  11. aXept

    Skier Chemical P1 220 key

    I got that key from one of the traders when accepting a quest.. Or? It was a "early" quest too, Ive not done many yet..
  12. aXept

    anyone dying at spawn ?

    14 seconds? Probably a player rushing from another spawn. No sound has happen a bit lately IMO and probably will be fixed sometimes. My shortest raid is 3 seconds on Woods, in this patch. Frustrating
  13. aXept

    Push for squad play

    If they take the solo-part away from this game, the game is dead for me. I don't have any friends playing it and don't like teaming up with randoms. If they make some quests that need a team to do, ok. I can live with it. But they can't remove the possibility to go lone wolf.
  14. aXept

    What am I doing wrong?

    Had a couple of those silence dead thing last night on factory too. Out of nothing I took damage and died. No sound.. Europe servers. It's damn frustrating when it happens, but hopefully it'll be fixed sometimes. So I just geared up again and took a new raid.
  15. aXept

    multitool kit

    That 2*2 square multitool ? Collect two of them and trade for a AK74n by Prapor. And when you level up therapist it's cheaper to buy two of those to trade for the AK then to buy it..