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  1. FINER

    Optics and PEQ15s

    I noticed the Elcan specter dr and all IR lasers and IR lights are not functioning true to real life counter parts. I have used real PEQ15s and I own an Elcan specter dr 1-4x optic. So I'm speaking from experience when I say this. The Elcan has an eye relief of 70mm (having perfect eye relief means you will not see a black rings on the inside of the optic) the HAMR has an eye relief of 69mm. this means I can move my head further away from an Elcan and still have perfect eye relief. So why is it that when using the Elcan scope a black ring appears inside on the edges but the HAMR does not? This is either one of two things. One my highly trained paramilitary operator doesn't know how to properly use a scope or two you guys may has fumbled. Currently the Elcan is completely over priced and inferior to the HAMR optic. As the HAMR is crystal clear while the Elcan is murky. The Elcan today is praised for having the best and clearest glass on an optic money can buy. IR lasers and lights do not appear in night vision properly at all. Instead I can visually see my IR laser and light during the day with my naked eye currently in game. It is impossible to see IR anything with the naked eye so why can I in this game? The IR laser should have an extremely bright beam while viewed with night vision but doesn't. Now the IR light should only be visible in night vision. But should work in areas night vision doesn't have enough ambient light to magnify so the operator can still see in the dark. Will either of these two oversights be corrected?