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  1. Delivery from the problem

    Same for me....but no succes until now
  2. I have troubles with completing the prapor task 'Delivery from the past' I did place the secure case in the swing room on factory. I escaped...alive. But the task doesn't go to completed while the subtasks are checked. I already tried new runs on factory...with escaping but no luck. anubody an idea what to do?? screenshot included
  3. Fort M body armor

    het beste is factory...overleven en in de laatste wave van scavs...daar is altijd iemand met fort armor.....alleen dat overleven is me nog niet gelukt
  4. It's Nikita Buyanov's Birthday!

    Happy birthday Nikita
  5. No sound (bug?), getting killed

    Had the same on shoreline....just a hour ago.....just happend once
  6. Oudere spelers, 25+?

    Dat zou tof zijn! ik kijk erna uit om met nederlanders te spelen! Nope ff voor en na het kerst eten en de nieuwe patch uit geprobeerd! man shoreline is een gave map geworden
  7. Oudere spelers, 25+?

    yep die zijn er wel....44 jong genoeg ???
  8. Older Aged Players Alliance

    Hi Guys, As i did read through the pages about OAPA i realised i have to sign up for this bunch of bad knee/ lower back pain/ aching schoulders/ mild dementia and artritis group of gamers. I'm 44yo and gaming since a commodore bedazzeled me with 2 stripes and a square. I'm from the Netherlands. Besides gaming i'm a k-9 trainer. i train police and personal protection dogs for fun. That takes a lot of time but whenever i can i game. Hope to join you and see you soon in EFT P.S. in dutch OPA means granddad...... just perfect picked that clan name
  9. Made a Fan Trailer for this fantastic game!

    Very Nice done guys!! Great choice of music, it fits the atmos