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  1. Sigh

    I'm fairly sure that the Scav in question had an SKS
  2. Sigh

    I was using BP, and I'm fairly certain while fort is as durable as it is you wouldn't be able to replicate his shot while getting shot like he was. Oh well, it's difficult to create threatening but fair AI, I just hope that I won't get headshotted every single time I go up against a SCAV, it's happened many times so far, and losing kit to AI wouldn't be bad if it wasn't for the vulturing player scavs that end up taking all of the stuff I had on me.
  3. Sigh

    I was spraying a scav down with an AKM, he was hit already 4 times, then he one taps me in the head when I have full fort, and kiver armor. Both max HP. How are we expected to survive when the AI can do these aimbot one taps when they are being hit like 4 times in center mass? Ridiculous.
  4. Can we fix the grenade bug?

    This bug is terrible, I've lost full fort + Kiver + trizip and modded AK loadouts more than twice after throwing a grenade and being either a ridiculous distance away, or behind solid cover where there is no way for the concussion or shrapnel to do any damage to me. I agree that it is a gamebreaking bug and should receive top priority, grenades thrown by pmcs and scavs will often only result in a blurry screen and busted up legs if they land right next to me, but for some reason when I throw a nade from solid cover a great distance away, it occasionally immediately results in my death. Definitely a terrible bug.
  5. Shot through floor by scav?

    What kind of 5000$ headphones or 200 IQ situational awareness makes you so OP that you can deliberately shoot through the floor and hit someone not once, but twice and secure a kill? This was also very late in the raid, there's like a 0,1% chance that a player scav camped there and even less of a chance that they'd make that ridiculous shot.
  6. I was looting in the dorms in Customs, and I was in a room, when suddenly I hear gunshots that sounded like they were in a different room, and I check the ceiling, and sure enough there are bullet holes there. As I'm getting out of the room I get killed immediately, probably by the same scav because I had cleared the floor I was on already. Lost a fort, a kiver, a scout sniper vest, an AK-74N with full mods, just stupid that scavs are able to do that.
  7. Fix Grenades

    I keep dying to my own grenades from behind cover, no shrapnel hitting me. Solid cover inbetween explosion and me, I threw a grenade inside of the extraction point in factory, and went around the corner to hide from the shrapnel, then I immediately die to it as soon as it explodes. Lost a fort I picked up, a fully modded AK and a fort I brought in aswell as a bunch of loot I picked up in a raid. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix grenades, they always ruin my raids. It is also not the first time this has happened, but this time it was particularly inconvenient.
  8. Optics Companies Thread

    RusOpticalSystem gunsights - We need these in Tarkov. Russian built hunting scopes in many varieties, they fit the setting and they would make for amazing gunsights. The special feature about them which makes them stand out, is the special Bi-focal lens, which provides both an unmagnified, high-field of vision sight picture, and a precise, high magnification sight picture. With this you have simultaneous high field of vision and high precision at range. These would be amazing to have in Tarkov, and what's nice is that it's a Russian company, which makes sense in the Tarkov setting and also it is easier for BSG to get their approval.
  9. Error

    Something is wrong with the servers definitely, I couldn't even load the launcher properly.
  10. Saiga-9!

    The difference is negligible for and against. The Saiga-9 isn't a very good weapon overall, considering that the AKS-74u is available from the start of the game from the vendors. The main difference between the Saiga-9 and the Vityaz, and the one that actually has any merit, is that you can't hold down the trigger and put 5 bullets into someone's chest before they can react.
  11. AS Val kitted specifically for close quarters combat. Laser designator and OKP-7 collimator sight attached, to make point shooting quick and accurate, and aimed fire have little visual obstruction. Fairly standard MP5SD, equipped with an EOTech, and an A3 collapsing stock chosen mostly based on looks.
  12. My main AKM, utility of the weapon is maximized by using the best possible attachments where they make sense. An AK-74N I kitted out for a friend. This was before I had unlocked more advanced options for attachments.
  13. Screencap your customized shooters, upload them here. There can't be enough love for Tarkov's amazing weapons customization interface! Here is my customized M4, kitted out to suit my playstyle in every situation. Laser designator for accurate point shooting, Aimpoint T-1 for close quarters work, and a Bravo 4x to take down targets at range. Here is my secondary AKM, it has a similar sighting configuration to my M4, but it doesn't have the laser designator. This build was mainly going for looks, I wanted to make it stand out from the other customized AKM's.
  14. KeyMod

    I see. That's cool, I hadn't thought of that.
  15. KeyMod

    Are there any KeyMod compatible attachments available in Tarkov? I certainly can't find any, atleast from the traders. The new Krebs Custom handguard for the AKM has KeyMod attachment points, and I'd like to attach a foregrip to it if possible.