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  1. KnocturnalQi

    Question about account/upgrade/wipe

    I believe (after scouring the forums for an hour or so) that it will reset automatically on wipe, but not 100% sure as I have done the same as you and now am patiently waiting. Plus I'm hoping it saves my skills, as it might be a half wipe. Either way there is no loss in waiting as you can do a reset yourself if it doesn't.
  2. KnocturnalQi

    Add EOD only Match Making

    I respect your answer Hollowman21, sometimes you just need that brutal honesty to help see the error of your ways. Dealt with it like a man. My Hats off to you sir!
  3. KnocturnalQi

    Add EOD only Match Making

    Oh boy....this is by far the most dumbest request I have read in a while. Please take every offense necessary. Your statement lacks any kind of fact my friend, do you honestly think that because someone brought the EOD edition means they automatically will only bring the best gear? Let alone be automatically 40+ in levels..... Where are you getting your information from? You know this isn't going to end well for this post. If you truly believe "mosin Bois" (as you call them) come as non EOD editions then your not only delusional, but I feel you have a hard time losing to another player, the signs show of somebody that cannot handle losing. And Hatchlings...non EOD....no words. Ill just say it, please leave your emotions at the door next time you want to write a vent post, all I felt when reading this is somebody sobbing over getting killed one too many times and "had" to come vent it somewhere with misinformation. EOD only matchmaking ladies and gentleman, Hollowman21s greatest request. I will say, this has given me a great chuckle before I head off to work.
  4. KnocturnalQi

    Prapor Mission: Debut - Dont do this!

    I found it quite amusing for amateur work, good job for being creative. Does he offend you somehow to warrant a deletion?
  5. KnocturnalQi

    Edge of darknes when sale will be off

    Upon Release, this question has been answered many times in other posts.
  6. KnocturnalQi

    A problem that has been around for more than a year

    No word's can ever describe, how pathetic you sound right now. I mean literally walk to a mirror and repeat what you just wrote because my god, you need help son.
  7. KnocturnalQi

    Gear just got stolen...

    Yeah i know, i'm just blunt when it comes down to the truth. Straight shooter, sugar coating is weak in my eyes. Why beat around the bush when you can just say it how it is. We all lose poo, game after game, it comes with the territory. Accepting it will happen really does make the game easier to bear with and less emotional feelings towards losing set items. Its psych 101. We all have stories of losing items to bs. Just enjoy it, whenever you win, or lose. Laugh about it instead of smashing your desk. But you two put it alot better then what i did.
  8. KnocturnalQi

    Gear just got stolen...

    These pointless posts really have to stop, you're getting emotionally attached to items that don't literally exist. They are pixels, worth nothing in the real world. It's a game, an entertainment. It is literally sad that your first ever post on these forums, was about losing items that have no value in the real world. I don't get this whole mentality of people getting so attached to there games. Treat it as you don't care and you will enjoy the game so much better. Plus a wipe is coming, I given 90% of my items away by posting in chat asking if any newbies want to experience some high level gear for free. This is just....sad.
  9. KnocturnalQi

    Some Work in Progress Material

    It was a very nice gesture towards streamers, its nice to see abit of recognition towards them. Great Job in my eyes. Even the smallest gestures matter. <3
  10. KnocturnalQi

    XBox officially supporting keyboard and mouse from Razer

    Think about your statement and then ask me who's treating who stupid in this scenario. Like i said it wasn't personal, just a statement of fact, it would cost considerable resources to even attempt at this stage of a game to port to a console. Your understanding of console ports is very limited of "how" it works in the real world. I'm not sorry for being blunt and I'm sorry this made you feel stupid, but it was a stupid question, or you even suggesting this is a "what we thought about a console port" post would have a illogical reaction in response...what did you expect would come from this, really? Either you're oblivious to fact or you're just trolling.
  11. KnocturnalQi

    XBox officially supporting keyboard and mouse from Razer

    So you're asking the EFT team essentially to split their already under pressure team, into 2 so you can have this game on the console? I'm baffled at your logic of how this would improve the game all around in progress. Please think more heavily about what you ask before you determine if your question is in the best interest of everyone, including yourself. This post is not personal either so please refrain from taking it that way and no matter what way you sell this idea, it's not a good one.
  12. KnocturnalQi

    Stop Giving Scav's 10 round AK magazines?

    You dishonor the name of John Wick, he would never moan about 10 rounds in a mag for he only needs one.