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  1. Why doesn't this game appeal to someone?

    Compared to Rust, EFT is a very serious game. There's no real room for random banter or hanging around in game and the "loss of a loss" is much greater than in say PUBG where you just que another match without really losing anything.
  2. EFT vs PUBG

    PUBG is an alright game if you've got friends who plays it, and I've spent a couple of hours in it. But the gun play is a lot less intriguing than EFT's and the game to me at least got really stale after some fifty hours (which I consider an fair amount of time for a Battle royale game)
  3. Its Raining Its Pouring The Old Man is Snoring

    Damn time for me to bail, probably someone from the UK's the only one to beat us Scandinavians in a fight of having the rainiest weather.
  4. It would certainly add for more interesting encounters. As it is I have nothing against the normal firefights but it would be fun to see people disengage in favor of completing another task that's more valuable than stepping out victorious of a fight. If it isn't already I'd also enjoy an more solid state of the factions, meaning you'd get an extra tag for killing someone of an hostile faction instead of your own. But that's more personal flavor anyway.
  5. Its Raining Its Pouring The Old Man is Snoring

    As a Scandinavian 3 days of rain's the start of a beautiful week But I agree, the game has so many beautiful weather conditions that it's a shame if for nothing else than scenery if it's the same constantly.
  6. Scav Player or Bot Scav ?

    Looks like a player to me, looks like he's panicking a bit as he enters to the bullet spray.
  7. Its Raining Its Pouring The Old Man is Snoring

    My weather has been changing these last days so I figured it was randomly generated with each session? Sounds strange, though not necessarily bad in my opinion, that it would keep raining for three days straight in game.
  8. EFT players worldwide

    Added my little pin to the map, fun idea!
  9. City Of Tarkov [Music Video]

    Good stuff, it's clear that you know what you're doing.
  10. Signatures free to use

    Looks great, the last one especially with the blues 'n blur.