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  1. me and my friends were discussing the quality of videogame communities, and we agreed that squad and tarkov had some of the very worst. but in games like squad, this is extremely detrimental to the game, bad cooperation results in breaking of gameplay experience, but a funny thing I pointed out was that tarkovs shitty community would only be actually detrimental if the devs listened to the community; the game revolves around killing pretty much everyone so during the game one is pretty much shielded from the community, and the devs seem to care about making the gme realistic and hard more than pleasing randos on the internet (unlike some games) so hats off to the devs for not nerfing the mosin, or shotguns, or making helmets stronger, or reducing the realism in any way. although this game has its problems such as hackers, the game has improved significantly since it first came out, good sh1t devs
  2. SG95

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Esgee#0675 verify plz
  3. dm me his name i may be able to confirm if hes a hacker
  4. SG95

    Betrayal tarkov Story: me and Sgt_Gunnery

    where can i unsub from ur blog
  5. SG95

    The Punisher Pt. 3

    I found this mission to be very unfair considering that I got all 25 kills in under an hour but i didnt turn in the mission in that much time. In my opinion the devs should make the mission unable to be failed once the 25 kills are fulfilled