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  1. Shoreline issue

    Anyone having issues with spawning in Shoreline? I tried 5 times Saturday morning spawning in as PMC and said connection timed out; as for a Scav basically the same thing.
  2. WHERE is EXIT 2 at?

    So I was just playing a Scav trying to find my way out. I knew where EX 1 was....but WHERE THE HELL is EXIT 2 at? Please help; I couldn't find it.
  3. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Templar#5144 I got a JAR of DIRT! Please verify my dirt.
  4. Chat/Global

    Ok not on my end then
  5. Chat/Global

    Anyone else having the problem with global chat? Is it down or something with this most recent patch?
  6. Matching

    How do they figure when it comes to matching? Seems to me it TAKES FOREVER just to load into a game! The maps Customs and woods takes forever; Factory STILL takes about a min!
  7. Halloween helms

    Btw what is the best time to find them? Night or day?
  8. Halloween helms

    Anyone know if the Halloween helms are still in? Please reply that way I know to stop looking for the damn things if there not in anymore.
  9. Traitors!

    Well I have been in grouped up with people (looking for group), and as far as I can tell, NEVER TRUST THEM AT ALL! All they do is invite you; vice versa; and kill you on the spot! So looks like I WILL NEVER TRUST YOU PEOPLE AT ALL! But I do come across some GOOD people; more like 2 out of 20; where you CAN TRUST! So SCREW YOU ALL to MOST of you who just kills just to get XP. On a side note; I wish there was some sort of recent player list or marking where you can add friends that you meet in game WHO DO NOT SHOOT YOU! Amongst you traitors, I WILL SHOOT TO KILL now!